How Online MS Access Alternative is a Great Intranet Solution for Businesses in Current COVID-19 Pandemic?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos and placed every business to test. Lots of employees working behind the desks are working remotely, at the moment. When employees are at the workplace, the crisis demands them to stay agile, clear-headed, lase-focused, and quick-thinking on what has to be done. In this pandemic situation, there are extra discussions for planning the processes thoroughly and make informed decisions.

  • Where is the emergency plan?
  • How to share information with employees using mobile phones?
  • Does everyone involved in the project have remote access to necessary files?

Such questions are overwhelming and in this pandemic crisis even more, because you are already crushed with the safety of your loved ones. Fortunately, an intranet can offer real value because you need frequent, transparent, and managed communications among your employees.

Hyperoffice offers you to create a sophisticated digital workspace and engage their workforce rapidly with updated information.

  • Give access to critical business data, information, and documents.
  • Gather ground intelligence to decide if local action is essential.
  • Drive geographically related matter towards disturbed business functions.

The on-time response makes a huge difference between success and failure in this coronavirus pandemic. The majority of intranets have inbuilt features to do just that. Your business may be using such features already but it is time to reconsider because of the outbreak of the global COVID-19 crisis. Microsoft Access online alternative offered on Hyperoffice website does not need any set up of expensive server and no requirement for downloading and maintaining database software. You just sign for an unlimited tailored database that can be accessed and managed online from Mac or PC with a Wi-Fi connection.

Impressive features of online MS Access

Microsoft has retired Microsoft Access online version in 2018 but WorkMap offers Access potency with relational database tables, automation, web forms, reporting, etc. It is a sophisticated online alternative. Even if traditional Access restricted businesses to local team contact, which is extremely regressive in this world of mobile and cloud technology. is created for modern database apps, which employees distributed remotely around the world can gain access.

Better organization

Businesses can organize and manage their statistics the best in a solid interactive database table. All kinds of data are supported including calculations and files. Users can leverage advanced functions like joins, lookups, and more.

Create impressive web forms for data collection

The traditional MS Access forms were clunky. Online Access alternative is a great form builder. You can fulfill your information collection and branding needs. Create external or internal web forms like voting, survey forms, contact forms, feedback, and more with ease.

Gain awareness with innovative reports and queries

The collected information can be exploited for insights and analysis. Data can be represented visually with graphics. Specific use can be built for target users.

Many intranets collapse because setting up and maintenance is challenging. Employers can get stalled in troubleshooting, while the employees will lose their enthusiasm to connect. The overall morale and momentum of your business will be at stake.

Online MS Access version allows them to be more successful as it is comprehensively hosted. Thus employers and employees can enjoy the saved time and effort in getting more creative and enhance their business activities that are currently caught up in pandemic chaos.

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