How philanthropy makes you one of your kind?

  • Philanthropy can aid in the development of crucial life skills in your children.

When you work for a nonprofit, money is always a concern. A person can learn a lot about money management by allocating funds to the appropriate resources to achieve a goal. People must also use their own money correctly when donate to help give back to a cause. Bring your children into the decision-making process, whether you manage a nonprofit or want to contribute to one. It will teach kids how to spend money wisely and on crucial resources.

  • It is beneficial to one’s health to give back and volunteer.

Your health is improved when you give back. Picking up trash as a volunteer in your community encourages you to get up and move. It’s stress-reducing to be active, and volunteering has a double benefit because it benefits others as well. The act of volunteering to help those in need can also be beneficial to those who are depressed. Studies have shown that volunteering facilitates social connections, which reduces feelings of loneliness. As a result, your self-esteem increases, giving you a new sense of purpose and a better self-image.

  • Ensures a brighter future for a community

Our future depends on the children. Some youngsters do not have the same opportunities as other children. We observed students who did not get enough food or sleep in our experience teaching in an inner-city school, and we watched how it impacted their school day. Despite their difficulties at home, these children were more than eager to learn and succeed. If the community’s children are in pain, the entire people will be in pain. Volunteering to assist these youngsters provides the foundation for a brighter future for them. It encourages them to achieve their potential. We can take the example of Gurbaksh Chahal.

  • A family can be brought together via philanthropy.

Family relationships get strengthened by bringing the family together to give back to the community. Bring the family together to learn about a local charity or nonprofit organization. When you’ve decided on a cause, talk to your kids about how they can help. It has the potential to affect others and the community. Discussing homelessness and how to help, for example, will draw attention to the problem in the community and what can get done to aid. You can take your children to a soup kitchen to serve food or to the local YWCA to shop for toiletry items to contribute. A strong family tie gets formed whenever a family participates in an activity together.

  • Volunteering starts a chain reaction of generosity.

Philanthropy is inspiring and contagious. People get inspired by people like Gurbaksh Chahal to pitch in and serve their community when they see others doing so. When children see their parents devote their time and money to a good cause, they learn to do the same. Our children saw us start and run an NGO that aided mothers and children as they grew up. Each of them has spent time as an adult donating to, volunteering for, and assisting causes and NGOs.

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