How to Keep Machinery from Rusting

Rust refers to orange-brown flakes that develop on metal tools and machines due to a reaction between moisture and oxygen. They tamper with the flexibility and functionality of the machine. Thus, they can be a massive problem for production. However, when rust occurs, it is removable. To save your money, avoid that extra charge by following the measures below.

Ensuring Low Humidity Levels

As indicated above, moisture is acausative agent of rust. While you cannot control the flow of oxygen, you can control the humidity in your shop. If you work in a high-moisture environment, you do not need to move to a less wet location. You can easily use the AC to reduce the moisture in the shop. However, running the AC at all times may spike your energy costs. In that case, use other cheaper methods like ensuring the door stays closed at all times. You can also run the funds to provide for constant airflow in the shop. Alternatively, you can get a dehumidifier to maintain reasonable moisture levels, thus preventing rust.

Dry Storage

Preventing moisture from getting to your machines and tools is the most comfortable and cheapest way to avoid rust. Therefore, store your tools in areas where moisture levels are low. This includes areas such as the farthest points from the door. When you place your machines close to doors, you expose them to moisture from the outside, which increases their chances of rusting. You can prioritize the machines, depending on their susceptibility to rust. Store the most vulnerable ones away from exposure. Additionally, some tools are in constant contact with water. When you place such tools near machines that rust easily, you expose them to moisture, which increases the chances of rust.

Frequent Oiling

Most people understand that oiling helps moving parts to move better. Oiling is also a critical preventative measure against rusting. Water and oil do not mix. Using this principle, when you apply oil to your machines, you form a protective layer on the metal. This ensures that moisture cannot get to the metal, thus quickly preventing rust. Apart from oil, you could opt for other solutions that form a protective layer. This includes a mixture of water, potassium nitrate, and sodium hydroxide. You could also choose other commercial options such as break-free and Lps 3.

If you do not like the residue that oiling leaves, you could use other methods like dry coating. The dry surface prevents rust in the same way as oil.  You spray, wash or dip, your tools or machines in dry coating products like Armor. When you have machines and tools that need a secure grip, the dry coating is the best method to create a coat. This is because other methods like oiling make objects slippery, thus hard to handle.

While the problem of rust is fixable, prevention is still the best approach. Rust may destroy your machines and tools entirely or cost you dearly in repairs. The goal is simple in every measure, to avoid moisture at all costs.If, however, you are in need of replacement industrial parts, look to Kor-Pak, the leader in industrial supply.

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