How You Can Save Money on School Uniforms During a Cost of Living Crisis

We are in a devastating cost-of-living crisis, and families across the nation are experiencing financial hardship as we are creeping towards the dreaded purchasing of school uniforms. Nevertheless, there are cost-saving methods for families to try and minimise this costly annual expense without compromising on quality. Below are our top tips for saving money on your child’s school uniform.

Shop Mindfully – When you are shopping for your school uniform, it is important to shop around and seek out sales, discounts, bundle packages, and any promotions in your area or online. Use this time to compare prices, make notes, and maybe even hold off until a sale arises in the near future so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to bag a discount. Also, you may want to consider planning ahead and purchasing school uniforms during end-of-season sales when there are huge discounts to get rid of inventory.

Purchase Second-Hand Uniforms – Schools every year are overloaded with second-hand school uniforms, and in the meantime you have parents buying new uniforms which are costing a fortune. You should consider sourcing second-hand options from your child’s school, thrift stores, or online marketplaces where you can discover uniforms at a lower cost.

Consider Non-Branded Options – Investigate if your child’s school is open to allowing students to wear non-branded uniforms that you can buy at a lower price from different suppliers.

DIY Adjustments and Repairs – If you know basic sewing skills, or are willing to learn, you can perform simple repairs or alterations on your child’s school uniform if damage occurs. By being able to fix minor issues, you will save money on professional tailoring or buying a new uniform altogether.

Take Care of the Uniform – It goes without saying, but you should consider encouraging your child to be mindful when wearing their uniform. You can also make it longer lasting by following the proper washing instructions and techniques will help you in avoiding buying regular replacements.

Plan For Your Child’s Growth – Our kids are always growing, and growing quickly. We recommend purchasing a larger size of uniform so your kids can get the most wear out of it. By doing this, you are lowering the need for frequent purchases throughout the school year.

Be Open With the School – Communicate with the school about your financial situation. Some schools have assistance programs or are open to working with families to help them by providing solutions such as flexible uniform policies or financial aid.

By engaging in these steps to minimise the high cost of school uniforms, you can ensure your child is well-equipped for the school year without breaking the bank.

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