Immediate Treatment Methods For Exposed Tooth Nerve That Interferes With Daily Life

Exposed tooth nerves can lead to severe pain and discomfort. This problem is quite common and occurs when the tooth structure is damaged. Tooth nerves are found at the core of the tooth. These nerves are protected by different layers of teeth which get exposed due to any damage or severe gum disease.

Any cause that exposes nerves can lead to severe toothache and sensitivity. If the problem is left untreated, the discomfort and pain can lead to sleepless nights. This problem requires an immediate visit to a dentist for treatment. If proper treatment is not considered, the exposed nerve can get infected which can spread to surrounding tissues, bone, and teeth.

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Symptoms of Exposed Tooth Nerve

  • Due to tooth sensitivity, you may feel severe pain while consuming sweets, hot or cold beverages, or acidic food.
  • Long-lasting pain due to sensitivity. The moment your tooth comes in contact with any hot or cold beverages, or food, it starts paining which lasts long.
  • Tender bleeding and swollen gums.
  • Discoloration of the tooth that is affected due to nerve exposure.
  • Infection of the nerve leading to swelling and pain.

Causes of Exposed Tooth Root

  • Gum disease makes your gums weak and you may lose tissues that no longer cover the roots.
  • When your gum line starts receding due to tissue loss or gum disease, it exposes tooth nerves.
  • Brushing teeth with hard bristles or putting too much pressure while brushing teeth can damage your enamel gums inflammation leading to nerve exposure.
  • Tooth grinding weakens teeth which results in a severe impact on the outer layer of the nerve. The thickness of the outer layer reduces which leads to root exposure.
  • Misaligned teeth can leave gaps allowing plaque to build up easily leading to several gum diseases.
  • Tobacco usage can increase the chances of teeth damage because it leads to decay and tartar buildup which are the main causes of gum diseases.


The first line of action during an exposed nerve is to visit an emergency dentist.

  • The dentist will apply fluoride gel or desensitizing agent to the area.
  • The dentist will treat gum disease or suggest gum grafting to cover exposed nerves.
  • For mild cases, the doctor may also suggest dental fillings, bonding, and dentin fillers for inlays.
  • For long-lasting relief, the doctor may also recommend placing a tooth crown over the tooth or root canal therapy for complicated cracks.

Exposed tooth nerves can be a mild or severe condition. Whether it is serious or mild symptoms, in both scenarios it requires immediate medical assistance. This is because any tooth problem can affect our daily activities. Don’t ignore such problems contact Oriental Dental Services for emergency dentist Cypress Texas.

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