So many people today are suffering from sleep disorders that negatively affect their quality of life. Some however are not aware that they have these sleep disorders. To find out if you have sleep apneas, you might need to carry out a sleep study. However, which is best for you, a home sleep study Sugar Land TX or an in-lab sleep study?

What Is A Home Sleep Study?

A home sleep study Sugar Land TX much like an in-lab sleep study is a process aimed at providing a sleep physician with all the information he would need to measure the quality of your sleep. Unlike in-lab studies however, home sleep studies are self administered without the presence of a nurse or a clinician to ensure that everything is on track throughout the night. This is probably the biggest con when comparing home sleep studies with in-lab studies.

In carrying out a home sleep study Sugar Land TX, the patient is provided with a number of equipment. This would include an effort belt which would be secured around the patient’s chest throughout the night.  The patient would also be given an airflow sensor to be placed under his nose, and a clip that would be attached to his finger. All of these are connected to a portable lightweight monitor that the patient would also pick up from the lab.

When Is A Home Sleep Study Best For You?

  • When You Are Trying To Minimize Cost

If you are on a constrained budget but have to get a sleep study done, then you should consider making it a home sleep study. Home sleep studies generally cost about a quarter of what in-lab studies usually cost. Also, while a home study might not correctly ascertain how serious your sleep apnea is, it would definitely reveal if you indeed have a sleep apnea in the first place.

  • When Your Insurance Company Demands One

Yes, some insurance company would demand you to first have a home sleep study before you consider going for an in-lab study. So, before you spring for an in-lab test, you best confer with your insurance provider first so you do not have to incur unnecessary costs.

  • If You Are Not Comfortable Sleeping On Strange Beds

Some people simply cannot be at full ease if they are not sleeping on their bed in their home and you cannot hold this against them. So, if you are one of these people, its best you confide in your physician and decide on the next best step to take. After all, if you are not comfortable during the night, the result of the sleep study would surely be tainted.

The Benefit Of Sleep Studies

As mentioned at the onset of this article, many people have and are currently suffering from sleep apneas. Without proper treatment, it can turn out to severely affect key areas in a person’s life, such as work performance, emotional stability, ability to concentrate and a general deterioration in a person’s health. Carrying out a sleep study helps to detect, identify and treat these sleep apneas as soon as possible, thus restoring balance to a person’s world.

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