Items That Make Your Couch Stand Out

When you take a look at your couch, what do you see? Do you see just a piece of furniture you have because you have to, or do you look at it as the piece of your home? Sofas and daybeds can be very elementary and even fade into the background, but should they? Well, below are some affordable ideas that can make your couch look like a masterpiece.

Select a couch that is complementary

First things first, you must have is a complementary couch in the sense that it blends in with all of your other furniture. The best kinds of sofas to go with are the ones with nude, black, or white colors matching almost every other material.

Use fabric on the sofa

One more effortless thing you can do is add some fabric blanket or fleece on your couch. You may use linen or wool and even velvet. Go for patterns and colors that match the sofa and those that are part of your house color scheme.

Add side tables

A side table can really do great to give your couch a facelift. A simple stool can also do the trick, and it will serve the same purpose too. They not only add character to your space, but they also help you keep the couch clean while you have a drink as you watch tv.

Place books besides your couch

Besides, your couch is also a great spot to have your small bookshelf. You may even use the one side table of two and use it as a spot to place a few books you are currently reading. They will add so many exciting elements to your decor and make your couch looks like a great place to chill.

Add antique and vintage items

You may place a lamp, a repurposed step-ladder as a bookshelf, or a colorful basket to give your couch an exciting addition. These antique pieces make your space look timeless and elegant at the same time.


You can never go wrong with a little jungle next to your sofa. You may put the gigantic palm tree or a subtle cactus beside your couch if it lies next to the wall. The trick is to place the plant on the side you rarely use to avoid knocking it down. You should also add some small succulents on the side tables, the bookshelf, and any other area around your couch.


In conclusion, we can all see that it is not that hard to make the couch pop. You just have to be creative and use whatever you have. If you must buy something, try going to the flea markets and see if you will find something there. Flea markets are usually the home of antiques, and you may find one that complements your sofa the best. If you cannot buy, then move things around, and you will see some magic happen. Design is not rigid; you just have to be willing to try and see.

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