Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde is a New York-based lawyer, and founder of Monteverde & Associates PC. He practices national class action law while his law firm deals with consumer and investor issues. Monteverde & Associates PC. represents shareholders whenever they incur financial damage due to corporate swindle or deceptive marketing. This law firm is among the most successful in New York. Monteverde advocates for shareholder rights and deals in high-profile mergers.

Monteverde is known for contributing opinions on various topics of public interest or upon request. He has participated in speaking forums at PLI, ACI, ABA, and other conferences. He is a vocal advocate with many published articles on securities litigation and executive compensation.

Creating the Business

Monteverde worked for other law firms for a decade. He took the natural step of building his law firm to specialize in protecting shareholders who were involved in mergers or acquisition transactions. The firm swiftly built a worthy portfolio with extensive experience in law regarding securities. Furthermore, he bears a deep understanding of shareholder rights. From its inception, the law firm has gained a good standing in New York and beyond, representing many local and international clients.

Juan Monteverde says he applies the knowledge he gained while working for other law firms, including Diaz Reus. This firm exposed him to international clients as he worked closely with different individuals while handling governmental investigations of financial institutions, large organizations, and foreign governments. He moved to another law firm in New York, where he worked up the ranks to become a partner. He run the mergers and acquisition department, earning insights into civil litigation.

Becoming Profitable

Juan Monteverde did not start from zero but had cases at hand from his previous firm. His years in practice put him in different positions that made him want to fight for the rights of shareholders. He indicated that his calling is to represent large groups that suffer damages due to misleading information, corporate fraud, and risks of dilutive effects.

Monteverde handles complex transactions such as mergers and acquisitions while considering the interests of the investors. Monteverde & Associates PC collects contingency fees. When the firm attains a settlement, it collects a fraction of the trust, though the court must approve

Juan Monteverde suggests that before diving into a legal career, one should test it out by taking any job in a legal office. The experience will help you to decide whether a legal career is good for you. Monteverde participated in real trials and experienced the impact of legal professionals. Attorneys fight for their clients to the end, focusing on receiving the best possible outcome.

Juan Monteverde is successful because he operates under some basic principles. He indicates that your prior employers might have opportunities for you if you left in good terms. He left to start his firm at the right time, having spent a decade in other firms as an associate and then a partner. Another principle is not leaving home with pending work at the office. Always get your work done in a timely fashion because most tasks in litigation have tight deadlines. The most important advice Juan Monteverde would give his younger self is to delegate work outside his area of expertise.

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