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Developers are here to assist you from initiation to completion, whether you should be building a kaboodle kitchen yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Kitchen design with Kaboodle NZ is a DIY kitchen business with a twist: you can personalize your journey, design, and even the kitchen of its own to achieve the ideal match. They will ease your tension, provide experience, and allow you to achieve a high-quality, low-cost kitchen that is ideal for you.

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Your culinary adventure begins here! Collect kitchen inspiration and concepts that will complement your home and personal design tastes.

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Customizing your kitchen redesign is the first step towards creating your dream kitchen a reality – and they also has you prepared with their gorgeous, high-quality DIY items that can be customized to fit your room. Use their 3D kaboodle planner to channel your inner interior designer and build your own room! Before you begin, learn more about how you can bring your vision to life by experimenting with different color schemes, patterns, and templates. While practice makes better, they don’t expect you to be an expert! If you need assistance, Bunnings provides kitchen design consultations to assist you in realizing your kitchen aspirations.

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Kaboodle is a family-owned Australian maker of premium cabinetry for Aussies who love to prepare, celebrate, and socialize in the heart of their home. Take a tour of our purpose-built Melbourne production plant, where all customizable goods are cut and completed. To assist you with the installation process, we have tutorials and how-to videos in our assembly library.

For the designer look without paying the designer price

Kitchen repairs and remodels often get a bad name, with big price tags, unforeseen prices, and unrealistic deadlines. Kaboodle believes that every Australian home deserves a dream kitchen, which is why they’ve created a DIY-friendly range that focuses on architecture, consistency, style, and functionality. You can use the 3D kitchen planner to design your kitchen and save a lot of money by doing it all yourself!

Cabinetry, countertops, kitchen handles, and many more

White open kitchen with table bench, butler’s freezer, and laundry. Their extensive collection of cabinetry, bench tops, kitchen handles and fixtures, as well as practical storage accessories, is focused on the most recent global trends and bringing you a plethora of options for your kitchen renovation You can build the ideal kitchen design by combining modular and cut-to-size items to achieve the perfect fit in your kitchen room. From professional tips and encouragement for your kitchen or laundry design to thorough assembly and installation instructions, kaboodle has everything you need to make your kitchen concept into a reality.

All cabinets come with a 10-year construction warranty, and kaboodle’s lifetime benefit ensures that this warranty can be extended for the duration of your ownership and living in your house. They’ve also been working to improve the quality of their operations, such as new recycling labeling on containers and the use of natural ingredients in certain items.

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