Live Social Discovery App Yubo Connects Gen Z

Social media platforms like Yubo help Generation Z expand their social circles and forge connections worldwide from home. Yubo is a live social discovery app created specifically for Gen Z, who comprise 99% of its users.

A Deloitte survey found that social media is integral to daily life. Scrolling apps is one of their favorite relaxation methods. Social platforms are also where Gen Z feels most like themselves.

Yubo makes it easy for Gen Z to meet new friends globally through features like livestreaming, group chats, and virtual hangouts. Gen Z users can join livestreams with unlimited viewers and up to 10 participants. Thousands of livestreams happen daily for users to join.

According to social researcher Claire Madden, there is a slight separation between online and offline for Gen Z. They often find it easier to communicate digitally than face-to-face. Frequent online interactions facilitate social bonds.

Their identity intertwines with social media activity, driving ongoing engagement across platforms. Madden notes some Gen Z users report desensitization to real life due to constant exposure to social media updates.

Many platforms provide endless content feeds, targeted ads, and connections limited to existing social orbits. Yubo offers an alternative as a platform promoting authentic connections without metrics like followers and likes that incentivize performance.

Yubo’s swipe feature lets users quickly view profiles in their age range and message potential friends. Genuine connections build authentic friendships. Users can create profiles showcasing true interests and hobbies.

Yubo believes authentic connections create a happier, more connected world. By fostering community and belonging, it promotes meaningful relationships beyond surface-level bonds.

Yubo prioritizes people over content by mimicking the best of real-life interactions. Since launching in 2015, it has focused on connections over followers and real-time interactions over likes. Users control the content they see.

Yubo keeps users from interacting. Users can instantly engage with others live on the platform. This distinguishes it from apps reliant on delayed messaging and posts.

Safety is a top priority. Yubo emphasizes prevention, detection, and moderation to ensure a safe experience. It is available on iOS and Android for those seeking meaningful connections.

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