Mark Roemer Oakland Examines How to Make Beautiful Bouquets with Grocery Store Flowers


Most people can’t afford a stunning and expensive bouquet personally curated by a florist every day. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there is no reason to miss out on gorgeous blooming bouquets even if you’re on a budget. Let’s check out how you can make them with grocery store flowers:

The Details

  1. Choose vibrant colors and neutral tones – If you want your bouquet to look like a million dollars without expensive flowers, you need to be innovative and leverage design and color theory. A mix of bright and vibrant colored flowers along with neutral-colored varieties makes for a balanced and refined bouquet. Make sure that you pair two neutral flowers to go along with every bright-toned bloom. It’s one of those cases where simplicity works flawlessly.

  1. Get long-lasting varieties – Ranunculus flowers are on the trend and look gorgeous even when they don’t cost a lot. However, you need to check the condition of the flowers as well. If you pick up something that quickly develops browning on the petals or isn’t fully bloomed, it can bring down the appeal of the whole bouquet. That’s why you should stick with beautiful yet hardy and long-lasting flowers. Some of them include orchids, calla and oriental lilies, spray and regular roses, and more. You can also check the stem to gauge how long the flowers might last. Flowers with thick and solid stems tend to maintain their appearance longer than those with hollow and thin stems.

  1. Add contrast with shapes – Shapes allow you to create a stunning contrast for your flower bouquet. For instance, you can pair a few linear varieties of flowers with round-headed ones. That’s why a bouquet with blush roses and coral carnations can mesmerize you even if they don’t put a dent in your wallet. You can also try matching round-headed flower varieties with tulips for an amazing look.

  1. Add in greens – Everything looks better with greens. Nature, mountains, salads, and flower arrangements. When you mix in long grasses, ferns, and eucalyptus leaves in your bouquet, you add an element of the wild which makes your flower arrangement look great. Moreover, you may not need to visit the grocery store to get those wild elements. You can source them from your own neighborhood, backyard, or garden. Greens allow you to add interesting textures that also highlight everything else and make the flowers pop.


  1. Wrap them in a paper – You may be trying to arrange flowers into a neat bouquet as a gift for your friend or family member. If that’s the goal, you can also go down a few aisles in the grocery store and grab some tissue or wrapping paper. To give it a rustic look you can also wrap the bouquet in butcher paper and finish it off with a pastel-colored ribbon.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use these tips to craft some of the most spell-bounding bouquets you have ever seen. There are no reasons store-bought flowers can’t become the showstopper of your home decor.

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