Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks at the Top Services to Make Quick Money as a Teen


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, it can be hard for younger people to make extra cash due to the laws of not being allowed to work at their age. Their parents may or may not pay for most of their needs which makes some teens want or need to be independent. Let’s get into the few ways teens can begin making money and feeling a sense of responsibility.

The Services

  1. Babysitting- This job is a pretty high paying job and requires not too much physical effort. It is easy to find parents that are looking for a quiet night out while the teen takes care of their kid(s). You can ask your family members, neighbors, teachers, and your parents’ friends who have younger children to babysit for them. Depending on how old the children are and how much work they require, the teen can change the price in that sense. It is the quickest way to make good money at a younger age.
  1. Lawn Mowing or Shoveling Snow- Based on where you are located, you can provide lawn mowing services, snow shoveling services, or both, if possible, in your area. It requires physical work but can be rewarding for your physical health and the amount of money that can be made on this job. You could either use your parents’ equipment or ask your clients (people you are working for) if you could use theirs. Using the lawn mower is dangerous and should be used with caution and patience. Shoveling is not as dangerous but is hard on the back and spine. Take your time and this is a great way to make a few extra bucks in your neighborhood.
  1. Driveway Sealing Services (tar)- This may be a slight investment to start with, but it is a very rewarding pay at the end of the job. Driveway sealing needs patience and persistence which is why being an older teen to do this job would be more applicable and trusting.
  1. Bake Sales- Bake sales need ingredients but are super fun and exciting to have to either raise money or make some extra money. Everyone loves treats and most have sweet toothed. Who would say no to a kid selling chocolate chip cookies? Use this to your advantage and begin to make your money after baking good snacks that are affordable for people to buy. This is an engaging and fun job to have if you also enjoy baking and taking the time to prepare it.
  1. Cleaning Services- Asking neighbors and family if they want help cleaning their bathrooms, kitchens, floors, certain rooms, will help you get started. This job is dirty and most of the time gross, but if you can handle some dirt and clean up bathrooms, then you are the one for the job. Over time you build strategies that make you faster and more efficient. Because of the dirtiness of the job, the teen can demand for a higher pay when they do a good job.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities say that there are always ways to make a few extra bucks as a teen. The jobs mentioned above can be carried through and used, even after you are of age to work if you are consistent and trustworthy to your customers. Be safe and don’t forget to enjoy whatever job you choose to do.

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