Measure Your Business Reputation Online in 4 Simple Steps!

A positive image is all you need to win clients, and this is particularly true for online businesses. Online brand reputation plays a vital role in customer purchasing decisions, sales, revenue and profits. However, a few negative reviews can tarnish your brand and lead to loss of business and profits. Is your business on the right track? What’s your reputation status? If you have these questions in mind, perhaps, it’s time to measure your business reputation.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Track online reviews& volume

Improving your online reputation begins with expanding the volume of your reviews. Reviews are critical to shoppers, and many use them to make purchase decisions. If you have more positive reviews and a high reputation rating, you will likely draw more shoppers.

 Why are reviews critical? They act as proof that your products are high quality and will meet client’s needs. Moreover, high review volumes display your company’s credibility. Monitor customer reviews online and respond to both positive and negative feedback. This makes your company look reliable and also encourage customer interaction.

To better track your reviews, use review tracking and monitoring software. It gives you tons of data on your star rating average, review count, reputation scores and any other reputation report that you may require.

  1. Keep an eye on your web traffic.

Web traffic is a crucial metric when we talk of a company’s reputation. It shows your brand’s popularity and the effectiveness of the reputation management strategies in place. To effectively measure your company’s reputation, monitor metrics like the traffic sources, number of new visitors, bounce rates and exit pages.

If you’re still struggling with low traffic to your site, use an engaging website design that’s easy to navigate. Also, share valuable content and tweak it to suit your target audience. Use quality images and videos to draw more prospective buyers.

  1. Watch your conversion rates.

The main aim of an effective online reputation campaign is to build better relationships with clients. You shouldn’t just attract new customers but also make them good advocates for your brand. If you have a good reputation and are meeting client’s expectations, you expect high conversions. Use the conversion rates to gauge the impact of your brand ambassadors. Also, identify more satisfied clients who can share positive feedback about your products and services.

  1. Gauge your social reach

 Nowadays, most shoppers use social media; making it an excellent platform for measuring your company’s reputation. Social reach is a metric that shows the popularity of your business and how many people it reaches. It refers to the number of potential clients who come across your brand online. A high social reach indicates a vast following and a likelihood of high reputation scores.

The bottom line

Most clients rely on customer reviews to trust a company and buy its products. With more positive reviews, you improve your company’s reputation and draw more clients. It’s then critical to monitor your business reputation online and strive to maintain a high reputation score. Also, take advantage of the many review management tools to watch what others say about your business.

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