Modern Lighting Trends to Jump Aboard in 2021 & Beyond

Wondering what the future holds when it comes to modern lighting trends in 2021 and beyond? This article gazes into the crystal ball to outline what you can expect in modern lighting trends this year and further into the future. Read on to find out more.

Modern Lighting as a Design Focal Point

Gone are the days of lighting being purely functional or simply utilitarian. In 2021, more options are emerging for lighting that becomes the focal point of a room. There are so many different styles available nowadays, from industrial to minimalist and ornamental, meaning you’re sure to find a light that will shine brightly with all the focus on it. There are a number of factors that can heighten the effect of modern lighting in rooms – things like placement, design and their handcrafted nature. All of these things will come to the fore this year and moving forward as people put more thought into their lighting and how it can be used as the focal point of a room. Large spaces are particularly ripe for adornment with impressive examples of lighting that demand attention, but even smaller areas can be brought to life with an unexpected fitting.

Sculptural Lighting

Sculptural table lamps can add an extra element to a room, with their textures and colours often resembling a work of art. This means that even when the globe is off, they provide aesthetic qualities that can help support the design and look of your room. These sculptural examples of modern lighting in the form of table and floor lamps often work well as accent pieces to highlight much larger pieces of furniture such as sofas, coffee tables or beds. Modern lighting can breathe new life into forgotten areas of your home or even create greater ambience. Just think how a sculptural lamp can add a cosy feel to a reading nook.

Artful Lighting for Ceilings

If there’s an aspect of lighting that’s often forgotten about, it’s the shadows. But this is what is responsible for the true ambience of a room. Don’t forget shadows and points of light deflection that can create dazzling effects. Being mindful of shadows, you can seek to enhance their look or banish them altogether with a suite of lamps to complement your ceiling lights. There are more varieties of modern lighting for ceilings than ever these days, and many of them are statement pieces for your rooms that can help ensure a unified design.

Lighting with Colour and Pattern

Colour and pattern are vital elements of modern lighting. These qualities can set the tone for a whole room, speaking to you through your senses to evoke certain emotions. So given that colour and pattern can have such a profound effect on mood, it’s important to think carefully before making a decision. Any colour or pattern needs to be well thought through so that its interaction with other elements such as walls, furnishings and accessories are all harmonious. Think of choosing lamps and lighting like choosing the accessories to go with an outfit – you want something that matches in a subtle way.

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