Online Invoice Management System

Within the present market, invoice management system is termed as an internal business which performed on online basis that mainly emphasise upon managing the documents of invoices from suppliers as well as vendors. There are several software which are in used by businesses as their services which is considered as a tool that can facilitates billing services for supplying goods and services. As it mainly create a list of offerings with their respective cost and forward to their clients as an invoice. The online management of invoices is a SaaS platform that creates software available to the users over internet, generally for monthly fee of subscription. While facilitating this type of service, people or businesses must ensures that clients will remain and make orders repeatedly in order to keep companies profitable as well as competitive. For this automated software consolidates orders, payments and invoices for the purpose of managing payments and cash flows.

Online invoice management system – software as a service

SaaS is termed as software of licensing as well as distributing model where requests are hosted by several service providers in order to multiple customers over internet. All these are accessed through the internet browsers by clients who charge some fee of subscription on monthly or yearly basis (Kim and Lim, 2019). In this, cost is directly affected by their use as; customer relationship management tool is an example of this model. A SAAS deployment minimises installing as well as maintaining responsibilities along with the software or hardware from clients in order to put them to vendors.

Online invoice management It is defined as a commercial document that states valuable information which drives transactions of buying and selling between the buyer and supplier. As it is a written confirmation of supply o products and services where bill are significant of bookkeeping as well as accounting procedures of any entities as it holds transactions or records.

1.Single tenant

It is represented in traditional system or models where customer’s buys and installs only single instance on these server that dash applications for some specific group of users. This kind of structural design allows no room for the purpose of sharing.

2.Multi tenant

In this, multiple range of customers allocate to the single instance of those software applications as well as associating back end hardware environment. But data of users in specific database are logically as well as uniquely separated for all customers.

Characteristics of online invoice management software

There are several key features of software as a services such are discussed in detail as follows:

Creation of new invoice : It allows individuals or businesses to create professional and clean ills which can be personalised as per the customer’s transactions in order to match with brand. It should allow integrating as well as extracting data or records from timesheets, customer information and projects.

Creation of customer records :  It is a feature of invoice management system that enables users to sum up clients personal as well as purchase records along with the attachment of relevant files in a centralised database these systems are equipped with the search filter so that companies easily access to the customers information and records.

Processing of credit card Invoicing software should allow users to provide billings and it saves time by processing promptness of credit cards as well as allow chronic billing along with the securing management of customer’s. Also, few software or services enable to do auto billing so that customers would not miss due payments.

Predesigned templates : The looks of invoices are important as like its accuracy so that system should facilitate for predetermined as well as professional templates of communication. It will not only save user’s time but let customize their accounting as well.

Informational transaction : It means receiving and sending information which allows user to forward something quickly to their customers since there is a common database where all records are properly stored and made them available.

Invoice, tax and payment report: Online invoicing system should get rid of the requirement in order to adopt external mechanism for the purpose of tax reporting and allows them to execute it without wasting hours or time for concluding information.

Setting of multiple currencies :  It enables user to unite billing and invoicing along with the software architecture which is similar to their basic financial functions. It can be helpful for accepting payments, issuing receipts as well as managing taxes as it plays a crucial role for businesses especially with the international operations.

Benefits of SaaS

Mobile ready SaaS solutions are technically strong and adapted by the today’s generation that has more mobile usage trends. This is less impacted on desktop computers as well as assists enlarge their life cycle by creating savings for clients (Martini and Paganelli, 2016). As all these services are built in order to support compatibility with the mobile interfaces and users.

Easy deployment Execution process needed for implementing SaaS systems which consumes a fraction of cost as well as time for traditional applications. User’s needs internet connections glance through and set up account for starting the use of applications. Whereas, traditional system execution includes extensive configuration and installation procedures along with the issues that may arise during the tasks.


There is an assurance of that applications can be extended up in cycle along with the developing or increasing customers requirement. Therefore, clients don’t worry about the gaining extra computing structural design. As these type of feature or benefits of software services are supplied by multi tenant infrastructure.


The SaaS client’s online subscription fee for contractual basis of time and service providers are compelled to be accountable instead of traditional software. The performance of these plays a critical aspect to their outstanding in companies as they unquestionably would be dedicated to providing better services to their clients (García-Valls and Touahria, 2017).

Fast and simple upgrade With respect of traditional applications, getting access to the technological advancements as customers is provided with more times to wait until the further up – gradation is released. Organisational structural design enhancements would be needed in the operating mechanism. Solutions implementations become infeasible the size of extra capital costs included. It is significantly low cost efficient and easier with the SaaS solutions. The ongoing improvements are available to all clients instantly as they are released. Vendors of software s liable for updates as clients are clamed from the downloading burden and imply that clients are served with latest application version.

Easy access

Since the application of SaaS software on web sites clients need mobile or computer devices along with the well equipped internet access so that they can browse them at anytime at everywhere. Most of the targeted users engaged in the online activities which expect businesses in order to integrate better with them through the modes of their choices. It also facilitates travelling remote access to employees for the real time work that will help in enhancing the convenience as well as productivity. Along with this, the learning curve for SaaS applications are short that has experience of internet usage in the entire world population.

Key procedure of online invoice management system

Create and make to order invoices:

Online invoicing frameworks are comparatively simple to use as compared to desktop software which are becoming the most preferred preference of many. As it allows clients to access information or data from anywhere in order to make invoices and customized them for carry out their brand value. By adopting this kind of tools companies or individuals build bills from scratch and populate some line items with the name of the customer, quantity of purchase with sum, discounts, taxation and so many others.

 People decide to make use of templates built in software and fill them into fields. Most of the applications facilitate customization features where they can alter invoice aspects like symbols, logo etc. As they can make new customers from database and click to send because they have alternates to alter estimates which is approved by users into invoices and forward them as well as they can notify them to get bill from online portal.

Provide invoicing and payment Online platforms don’t need extra set up and can facilitate them with the ability to processing payments conveniently. With the help of this software, people can develop online portal for clients in order to make payments as well as processing them immediately (Tseng and et. al., 2016). It will allow them to recognize payments in foreign currency because these types of systems have attractive billing features regarding multiple currencies.

Payments processing and management had become simple tasks as they have choice to either incorporate with PayPal or some other platforms or through credit cards. Invoicing system has effective features in order to manage multiple currencies, languages as well as tax adjustments but there is no availability to track offline payments transactions.

Make reports Through the online invoicing system users can create several reports that can help them to track and monitor their finance that are outstanding. They can computerize to make reports and exports them in the form of PDF files as well as shares them through emails (Nwankwo, 2017). Users can have data analysed in order to collect related insights from invoicing operations like numbers, average time of payment, client’s details with pay scale, invoices as well as how many from them pay late. They can get significant information by software that manages all transactions as well as database.

Key considerations for selecting online invoicing software

Firstly, identify the process of business and know that how software can help in solving problems and challenging situation in order to improve them. If needs are specific or simple then individual should select appropriate solutions that are meet all the business requirements.

The choice of explanation should allow personalising them according to the brand because it shows company’s reputation and goodwill

In terms of security as well as safety vendors must plays a crucial role as they should be capable to provide details clearly.

Software should approach with the receptive customer support mechanism as these are continuously updated and each client have their unique needs or situations so that vendors should be accessible, friendly as well as competent that can facilitate proper assistance for solving issues and use to another resources.

Cost of invoicing software

These systems can be gained as a finance and accounting software or standalone application. These can’t locate alone because of it needs to use accounting procedures to perform their functions (Hosier and Doug Hosier, 2016). Prices or cost of packages of invoicing software can be varying extensively as it should be pricing as per the requirements of users or businesses.

Some top examples of billing and invoicing management system:


It is a accounting system which is offered by Fragua Technologies India pvt Lt, Chennai business in 2006. As users are capable to manage expenses, invoice customers online and track time. They can personalize their bills, accept payments, tracking expenses, attach PDF and so on. It is free for trail basis of 1 month and then they need to pay according to the plans as it starts from $15 P.M. and easily supported by customer service group.

Zoho invoice

It is mainly for the professional bill online which can make as well as send bills in seconds. It also works for doing automatic payments reminders, tracking time, facilitate information, accept payments via online as well as business insights. It facilitates free premium plans as it is free for only 1 customer with up to the 5 users (Goodyear and et. al., 2020).

Quick books

 It has simple plan as $14 PM is ideal for start-ups which is easy to begin where all things are personalized for one company. It builds dashboard which represents users about what they immediately require to be presented at and actions to take. Bills and invoices are customized as they include logo, type, image as well as custom fields and has pay now link also so that clients can click on them instantly to pay through bank account or credit card.


It is considered as an online invoicing, banking, accounting and billing software in Chennai  that facilitates access to the real time information that assists customers to take benefits of opportunities along with minimizing situations which will result in creating issues (Yu And et. al., 2019). Besides, from the online management of invoices, several features for cash flow, payment and payroll. These services can be accessed through Mac, Phone, PC or tablet.


It is related to the online management of bills that was developed by Xero as it mainly emphasized on facilitating integrated solutions instead of accounting or financial software. It is ideal for the engineers, architects, IT service, professionals, business consultant and so on.

Common issues of invoicing software

No single international standard These software works on a multiple and complex environment of electric invoicing. While there are several standards that are used in various geographies as global landscape messed up by local alterations in compliance needs and taxation. Some solution providers or vendors operate internationally in order to find the way of billing complexities (Kim, Jang and Yang, 2017).

Fail safe system On online software is develop to being impassable stronghold regardless of having essential protocols of safety and security system. Users may have to talk it in order to make sure that the integrity of their online database as well as information of security providers of third party in order to go through the accessible measures of safety and double check.

Latest trends of billing and invoicing software

Online invoicing management are being modernized due to the emerging business environment. These trends are impacting software such as electronic billing, governmental invoicing of nations etc. Whereas, state powers that are highly involved in compliance, promotions and standardization of online invoicing in their regions for efficiencies as well as savings which result in their use.

Along with this, another trend is related to the advancement of the automation features in services. In modern world, the requirement of manually transactions are minimized and being them automated, decrease errors and neglected payments (Jede and Teuteberg, 2016). In order to analyse the payment frauds Blockchain and artificial intelligence techniques are improving rapidly and automate all the financial reconciliation. In addition to this, the accuracy and speed of transaction within business is increased which is to be accelerating so called real time economy. This will help in promoting connectivity as well as digitalization that will result in faster system, infrastructure as well as applications.

SAAS growth trends and statistics

Gartner estimates growth of software as a services techniques that reaching out revenue of $85 billion by end of 2019. This increased 17.8% from last years, majority of public cloud revenues predicted to accomplish $278 by 2021. Growth of SaaS industry will consistent through many years as most of the businesses use these kinds of solutions during the sales force fame. The market segment of these systems will achieve $113.1 billion by 2021 which is twice from the revenue $58.8 billion of 2017.

SaaS market is attaining high revenue in comparison of IAAS (infrastructure as a service) and PAAS (platform as a service) combined. The market of IAAS will grow $63B from $23.6 in 2021 and PAAS will increase from $11.9B to $27.7B from 2017 to 2021.

 In 2018, 169 acquisitions of SaaS averaging $1.3 billion. It states that SaaS businesses are more expensive companies in the industry as the valuation of IPO has increased by 3.5 times from 2017 that reached $38.2 billion in 2018.


It can be summarized from the above discussion that online or use of internet services are rapidly increasing which is essential for all businesses to adopt. As all companies has unique requirements but works for same purpose of paying customers which require getting invoices for their offerings which they used. Simple and easy online invoice software like Zoho may be needed by some businesses whereas, full accounting software includes Rednote, Xero, Quickbooks, and Fresh Books etc. that may be needed by growing companies. Above mentioned companies are also providing CRM software and ERP software at low cost.

In addition, there is a WorkflowMax that is mainly adopted by those businesses who provided professional services. There are various features, benefits as well as examples along with the costing or pricing are discussed as it is essential to understand by customers in order to make satisfied to their clients. Also, study about the issues which are currently faced by companies in the emerging market situations at a time of managing invoices online through the software as a service.

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