Rummy and eSports: Competitive Gaming in the Digital Age

COVID-19 quarantined the real world and brought the digital world together. While sipping everyone’s favourite dalgona coffee, people dived into online rummy games and eSports.

It truly revolutionised the world of competitive gaming and how we engage and unwind ourselves in this post-COVID world.

In this article, we will understand the role of online rummy and eSports in competitive gaming in the digital age.

Changes in the Competitive Gaming Industry Post-COVID

Post-COVID, there was incredible growth in the competitive game industry, especially the global role-playing games. There was a compound growth of 9.22%. Further, many RPG games reflected 10% to 50% engagement, which was a huge number.

The number of total active gamers also rose from 53% to 67% in just one month from March 2020. It was also anticipated that the time spent on competitive games would rise by 41%.

Some top-rated online gaming platforms show a daily increase in users from 12k-15k to 40k to 50k post-COVID. Casual games such as rummy have active users that double every coming week.

What Are the Driving Forces For Competitive Gaming Like Rummy and eSports?

Rummy games have been played in India for centuries and are integrated deeply as part of the social fabric. These games have fought the odds of COVID through technological advancement and taken the classic game of rummy online.

Rummy has become more than just a casual pastime entering into a competitive sporting environment. The challenging and strategic nature of the game has made it popular, especially among people who enjoy mental stimulation while playing games.

1. Competitive Tournaments

Rummy games played online have sprouted deeper, providing a competitive structure for online rummy players. This has allowed players to show their skill while competing at a large scale. .

These Rummy tournaments are organised for players, with considered prizes and recognition for competent players.

2. Easy Access

Rummy games with simple internet access can be played anytime, anywhere. The technologically advanced apps provide an unmatched gaming experience, which includes real-time gaming, multiplayer rounds, and easy and secure transactions with engaging visuals.

3. Competition

Similar to any game online, rummy has also added new profound excitement among players who enjoy offline sports. Playing rummy online also provides a global stage for players where they can showcase their skills and gain recognition.

Rummy And eSports: Legitimate Sport

Rummy and eSports’ legal status varies by country. In some countries, it is a legitimate sport, while in others, it is a grey spot. Here in India, eSports have been considered multisport events since December 27, 2022, raising their popularity to the next level.

In India, eSports are regulated by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, which recognises them as any other sports game.


Rummy is a perfect example of how a traditional game can thrive in the digital world. The perfect blend of old and new has created incredible gaming opportunities for players who want to play rummy online.

Online rummy creates challenging opportunities and an exciting environment for rummy players.

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