Should You Train Your Kitten to Walk on a Leash?

Leash-training cats is becoming quite popular today. Cats are usually associated with being independent creatures that explore on their own. More and more people though are beginning to train their kittens to walk on a leash to enjoy a safe way of exploring the great outdoors. There are those who wonder if it is the right thing to do for their pet or if it would be considered cruel. Below we will discuss a little more about walking a kitten on a leash.

Is it Okay to Walk Your Kitten on a Leash?

The short answer to that question is yes, it is fine to walk a kitten on a leash. However, there are a few factors to consider before doing it though. Some cats enjoy exploring at their own pace, so taking them for a walk could be considered unnecessary, and even stressful, for certain kittens. Nevertheless, if you have already tried walking your pet on a leash and she has enjoyed it, there is no reason not to continue. It may not be ideal to take an outdoor cat for such walks as they will already have their own way of exploring, but indoor kittens can be walked to allow them to venture outside safely. The good folk at Voyager Harness believe that a high-quality cat harness is essential when taking a kitten out for a walk to ensure they are both comfortable and secure.

Is it beneficial to Walk a Kitten on a Leash?

There are many advantages to walking a kitten on a leash. Firstly, it will provide her with exercise and potentially help to prevent her from becoming overweight. Indoor cats do not get as much exercise as their outdoor brothers, so taking them out on a walk will be extremely beneficial for their long-term health. Additionally, walking a kitten on leash strengthens the bond between the cat and its owner. By doing this with the kitten, the owner can communicate with the kitten and learn more about her body language and interests. Walking this way can be a way to play and explore new environments. It is important to be aware though that kittens will not walk the same way as dogs. However, if you allow your pet to lead the walk, she will be able to discover new smells and sights at her own pace and have a more comfortable experience outdoors.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Walking a Kitten on a Leash?

Although walking a kitten on a leash comes with many benefits, there are also some disadvantages to think about. By exposing your kitten to new environments, she may become frightened and, as a result, try to flee by climbing a tree or a nearby object. This could cause injury to you or the cat and make walking a less enjoyable activity for you both. As well as this, the new experiences your kitten will be exposed to may cause her to become stressed. It is important, if deciding to take the kitten on a walk, to ease her into it so she can get used to the feeling of walking on a leash.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding whether a kitten should be taken out on a leash. A kitten can be walked; however, it must be done in a safe and responsible way and the cat must be comfortable. If you notice that she is stressed or frightened, then it is best to stop walking her on a leash completely. Consider the benefits and disadvantages before deciding whether you should walk your pet on a leash.

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