Steps to Developing Your Personal Brand as a TV Personality

When you work on the air at a TV station, you’ve discovered that those who make the most money are those who have sculpted a TV niche. They are the best-known individuals like Brantley Dunaway in your town. They may have taken years to position themselves as TV celebrities by studying. You may achieve the same status.

  • Look for it.

Brantley Dunaway is well-known among his peers. An evening news anchor is unlikely to imitate a good style. There are minor tweaks that may get made to leave a lasting impact on viewers. Sam Donaldson, a retired ABC news correspondent, donned a red necktie every day. Examine your look to see if there is anything unique you can do. Changes will need to get addressed with your bosses, so your idea to wear a fedora when delivering the news at 6 p.m. could get scrapped.

  • Look for a Cause

Adopting a charity cause is a simple approach to gain a devoted following. Even if she didn’t acquire cancer to get more viewers, a local breast-cancer-fighting nonprofit is sure to adore an anchorwoman who overcame breast cancer. Find a method to support public schools in a high-profile way if a health-related charity isn’t your thing. People who want to improve classrooms get noticed by parents. Make an effort to become “the face” of the cause. Both you and the charity will profit from the publicity.

  • Choose a Look

The most famous TV personalities have their distinct flair. Consider Brantley Dunaway. Because of their uniqueness, these personalities get occasionally mimicked on Saturday Night Live. While you shouldn’t decide to read the news like Tom Brokaw, go over your recent items or newscasts to see if there’s a common thread that connects them. Do you enjoy doing live demonstrations while on the air? Do you want to be renowned for your ability to ask difficult questions? Those can serve as the foundation for establishing your on-air personality.

  • Get to Know Your Neighbors

The majority of on-air personalities arrive and go so rapidly that viewers aren’t aware of their presence. That is why, in many cases, managers do not spend time or money on employees they believe will leave in two years. You may prove to them that you’re worth the money by integrating yourself into the community, especially if there isn’t a television camera nearby. Join a civic group or a leadership program, or teach Sunday school at your church. You’ll be able to achieve two goals: Small groups of individuals may get touched in a meaningful way, and you can demonstrate to your managers that you’re committed to something other than finding your next job.

  • Consistency should get sought.

Because individuals on-air are used to changing, this may be the guideline to follow. For the long term, you’ll need to learn to pace yourself. True, celebrities like Brantley M. Dunaway rose to national prominence quickly, but digging into their background reveals a lot of hard work. One day a month of volunteer work at the humane society isn’t going to make you into a celebrity overnight.

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