The Advantage of Using FIBC Bulk Bags with Firewood

The FIBC industry has greatly grown and expanded, and so has its use. This is because of the flexible nature of bulka bags, and the different construction kinds which are available with reputed suppliers like Pacific Bags. They are one of the best suppliers of all types and a wide variety of customized FIBC bags in Australia. The super flexible nature allows these bags to be readily used in applications that you must have never anticipated 5-10 years ago.

These amazing bulk bags are typically made by using strands of PP (polypropylene) woven into a steady fabric. As they are manufactured with a durable PP mesh, the bags are super versatile and can hold products for a much longer duration when used. They are perfectly suited for storing as well as transporting huge quantities of various goods.

If you go through the firewood industry, basically you will not come across any obvious use except the basic storage and transportation of chopped firewood. While this is an obvious use, the FIBC bags are often used for seasoning process as well.

What is meant by firewood seasoning process?

It is the process in which freshly cut wood is taken for preparing it to be burnt for customers’ application eventually. When several trees are chopped and cut down, there is a good amount of moisture present in the wood. This is not great for selling purpose, as moist firewood will not burn properly and at times not at all. So, this necessitated the process for adequately preparing the wood for sale eventually. And this process is commonly known as seasoning. It is the process where this freshly cut firewood is stored and kept in a dry place or environment, thus allowing the wood to breathe well as well as allow the moisture to evaporate slowly.

FIBC bags are best suited for the firewood seasoning process

The bulk bags are a best fit for use in all firewood operations, as they can be accomplished for the multiple steps in the method of creating best quality usable firewood, thus, increasing the operational efficiency in all firewood companies. The reason is that FIBC bags can be easily used for transportation and storage onsite when the wood is chopped and to store these FIBCs during seasoning.  This removes the need to use several transportation and storage vessels as well. Therefore, it is important to talk to your supplier to create and design the right FIBCs for your requirement, so that you get the best benefit from them.

Here is a buyer’s guide to buy or customize bulk bags:

  • Bags with baffles or no baffles
  • Types of FIBC bags
  • Kinds of lift loops
  • Uncoated vs. coated
  • Liners

If you need a bulk supply of customized FIBC bags in Australia, contact Pacific Bags, as they can help you in managing your packaging requirement using cost-effective and efficient way. You just need to tell your requirements and they will customize them to your needs.

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