The Best Winners in NFL Sports History

Deciding on the best sports picks is best done with a bookie. You can get quality picks from trusted sports handicappers who know the industry inside and out and use specialized methods to determine their picks. After you’ve followed a handicapper for any length of time you can get a feel for whether or not their handicapping methods are ones that typically work out best for you or not.
One way to decide on which handicapper to follow is to read their reviews on the best winners in NFL sports history. To determine if a handicapper is really worth their salt, they should be able to tell you about the winningest teams, how those teams won, and overall how Super Bowl champions played and came out the ultimate victors for that respective NFL season.
If you’re a little rusty on your NFL sports knowledge, here’s a little crash course for you. Our picks for the best winners in NFL sports history are based on total wins from start of the franchise to date, coupled with Super Bowl games played.

The Dallas Cowboys

Love ‘em or hate ‘em the Cowboys are a winning franchise; the most winning franchise, as a matter of fact. Since their first NFL season in 1960, they’ve played over 900 games and won over 500 of those. Their win average is .572, making them the most winning team in the NFL of all time. Since their inception the Cowboys have made it to the Superbowl a total of eight times, winning five of those games. Couple that with their ten conference championships (both in the NFL eastern division and the NFC) and their 23 division championships and you have a team that is consistently strong and has made it to the playoffs 33 times.
The Cowboys are the most valuable sports team in the world coming in at a whopping $4 billion net worth. They generate over $600 million in revenue each year, more than any other sports team in the U.S. All this revenue has sent them straight to top of the Forbes most valuable NFL team for twelve straight years.

The Green Bay Packers

Number two on our list is one of the oldest teams in the NFL, dating back to 1919. The Packers are the only publicly owned franchise in all of U.S. sports, with over 360 thousand shareholders. Since inception the Packers have played over 1,300 games and won over 750 of those, bringing their winning point average to .567, close behind the Cowboys. They’ve won four Super Bowls, the most recent being in 2010, however they’ve made thirty-tree playoff appearances from 1936 through 2019. With thirteen overall league championships, the Packers take the number one spot for most in NFL history.
h3>The New England Patriots

The Pats were founded in 1959 and joined the NFL in 1970. As such, their total games played rivals the Cowboys and places them two games ahead of them in total, coming in at 916 games played. Of those games, they’ve pulled out a win for more than five hundred, bringing their point average to .564. Under the instruction of their head coach, Bill Belichick, they’ve become one of the most successful teams in NFL history, winning 16 AFC East titles. In addition, they’ve claimed six total Super Bowl championships from 2001-2018. In 2007 they enjoyed a completely undefeated regular season, which gave them an NFL record.

The Chicago Bears

One of the two founding teams of the NFL, the Bears have been around since 1920. Although their total wins include just one Super Bowl in 1985, the Bears have enjoyed more than 760 wins over their 1,402 game career, bringing their winning point average to .563. They’ve won nine NFL championships and have inducted the most players into the Football Hall of Fame. They’ve recorded more victories than any other NFL franchise (surpassing the Cowboys by over 200 wins), however, they’ve also surpassed them in losses by about the same number. As such, and because they really do seem Superbowl “cursed,” they come in fourth on our list.

The Baltimore Ravens

A newer franchise to the NFL, the Ravens were established in 1996 and have played just 384 games since their establishment. Of those games, 214 have been wins and 169 have been losses, bringing their point tally to .559. The Ravens made our list not just because of their overall wins, but because in the franchise’s short existence they’ve already pulled out two Super Bowl wins, six division championships, and two conference championships, making them a force to reckon in the NFL.
The top five most winning teams in the NFL are easily some of the best franchises in NFL history. Consistency, wins versus losses, and Super Bowl victories, and inductees into the Football Hall of Fame are all things considered when deciding which teams are the biggest winners in NFL sports history.

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