The Steps You Should Take To Benefit From Your Insurance Claim

You never know when you’re going to get hit by a hurricane. So, it isn’t possible to predict when you will need to file hurricane insurance claims with your agency. It is essential to understand the steps you should take when your property gets damaged by a hurricane. This will not only ensure you get more significant hurricane laura insurance claims, but it’ll help you to have a quick process.


It isn’t easy to file hurricane claims. You have to consider the devastation that has occurred. This process in itself can slow you down and lead to slow recovery time. When you know how to move forward with your insurance claim, things are bound to get a little easier for you. 


Here are the steps you should take to ensure that you benefit from your insurance claim.


Ensure You Call Your Attorney Before Your Insurance Agency

Insurance companies benefit from high premiums and meager payouts. Even if you’ve had an excellent working relationship with your insurance company, the chances are that your contact person will be working at the orders of their bosses. 


If you are in immediate danger following a hurricane, call 911 first to ensure you’re safe. After that, the next person you should give a call is your lawyer. Your attorney will initialize the recovery process fast and ensure that you have higher chances of your claims going through.


Prevent Further Damage

Even if things can be a bit hectic after the hurricane, you should prevent further property from getting damaged. Some of the damages you prevent will ensure that your insurance company has no claim to refuse coverage. Ensure you save property where you can, document your losses by taking videos and photos, and try not to make any changes to how things are on your property.


Have a Ready List of The Items You’ve Lost For Your Claim.

Before your insurance company agrees to pay for damages, they will need proof of the damaged items. This may be a difficult task since not many people have an inventory of the items they had in their homes before a hurricane. 


When creating an inventory, make sure you include a detailed description of each item you had, note where you kept it in the home, including the value, and attach receipts where applicable. It is also essential to indicate how much it would cost to replace the items on your list on your inventory list.


Understand Your Insurance Policy

Understanding the details of your insurance policy will ensure that you know your rights. It will also help you understand how your insurance company will value the damages you’ve incurred. The payout you get will be determined by whether your policy is based on Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost with the option for cash out. Once you know the basics of your policy, you have a clear picture of what you’ll expect on your refund.

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