Things to Do in Bed to Reduce Heel Pain in The Morning

Many people feel pain when they take the first steps out of bed in the morning hours. This condition is medically known as Planter Fasciitis. This happens because the supporting ligament known as the planter fascia of the arch is inflamed and sometimes remains strained. It pains and hinders your activities and you will stressed every morning due to this condition. Only an experienced podiatrist will help to reduce Planter Fasciitis symptoms.

Fortunately, there are other things that you can do to reduce heel pain. It may take some time however you are sure to get relief permanently from heel pain. Many podiatrists suggest custom shoe inserts use in the morning hours. That helps to avoid experiencing heel pain and gradually the ligament planter fascia becomes normal.

Things you can do to reduce the heel pain:

  • It helps to warm up or stretch your legs a few times before getting out of the bed. You can keep your back straight while stretching the foot.
  • You can wrap a towel around your paining foot while lifting the leg in the air keeping it straight. Then pull the towel using both your arms while stretching the ankle and the ball of your foot. This helps to keep the knee in the straight position and while the foot position is pointing towards your nose. The troubling ligament and the calf muscles easily stretch and the tightness of the calf muscles reduces.
  • You need to activate the deep muscles of your foot before stepping out of the bed. That can be done by straightening your leg and pointing your foot toe in the air drawing any alphabet just like you do in sand. It relaxes the muscles that support the planter fascia ligament. The exercise needs to be done for at least five minutes to experience a good result.

All these exercises are done on bed before waking up to strengthen the foot muscles and prevent the heel pain from troubling in the morning hours. You can use custom orthotics shoes to wear as soon as you get up from bed. In Irvine, you can consult Dr. Sima Soltani for finding effective, immediate and permanent solutions to end your heel pain problems. People are quite active, pregnant women, folks working many hours standing on their feet and aged people are prone to heel pain problems.

The causes that lead to experience heel pain:

  • The walking style is different like rolling the feet towards the inside.
  • The excess weight of the body.
  • Wearing of ill-fitting footwear.
  • Doing excessive physical exercises like jumping, jogging or standing on harder surface for longer hours.
  • Injury to foot or suffering from Bursitis.
  • It is one of the symptoms of Neuroma.
  • Diabetes and arthritis also contribute to the feeling of heel pain.

It is beneficial not to kindle the severity of heel pain, thus you need to visit custom orthotics in Irvine Orange County. The expert podiatrist Dr. Sima Soltani can assist in keeping your heel healthy to stay active the whole day.

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