Things to know when writing a car accident witness statement in LA

A car accident witness statement is an account of the accident you saw. It has perspectives and information from your point of view. 

The witness statement you write will differ from what another witness wrote and from what those involved may have felt. 

Despite it, you should give an honest account of the accident while writing a witness statement. To learn more about witness statements and how to write one, read along! 

Why are witness statements important?

As a witness, you may have explained what you saw to the police, the plaintiff, and many other stakeholders. But you have to describe what you saw in writing. Only the written statement holds in as evidence in the court. 

The witness statement has the power to turn a case over. If you saw what happened and the so-called at-fault party is innocent, you have the moral obligation to let the person find justice through your statement. 

By holding back from giving a witness statement, you are letting a negligent person get away with the crime while an innocent person gets punished.

How to write a witness statement?

There are three important things you have to include in a witness statement. They are:

  1. Your name
  2. Your contact details
  3. Your signature

They have nothing to do with the accident, but your statement will not be credible without them.  

When it comes to explaining the accident, try to cover everything you saw. You can ask yourself questions like:

  1. When did the accident take place?
  2. How many people were involved, and who all were injured?
  3. Who was at fault?
  4. What caused the accident?

By finding answers to similar questions related to the accident, you can write a good witness statement. 

Try to give very specific information like which part of the vehicle got damaged, where all the victims had injuries, etc. 

Please, do not take any information you know regarding the accident lightly. Who knows what will help solve the case quickly!

Concluding thoughts 

As a witness, by giving the witness statement, you are playing a crucial role in the accident claim case. 

You will either help the victim get justice faster or help find who was at fault. So, you should not take the witness statement writing task lightly. 

If you need assistance writing an authentic witness statement, you can consult an attorney. Reputable law firms that specialize in accident cases are always ready to help if you approach them for writing a statement. 

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