Tips For Betting On Cricket To Win Big And Earn Fame

Why do we enjoy making bets on cricket? It is enjoyable, easy to use, and allows you to win cash. Since the advent of online betting, it has gained popularity. It is much simpler to bet on your preferred team or player in India thanks to the numerous cricket betting sites that offer a wide range of betting options. However, you shouldn’t start betting right away if you’re a beginner. Cricket betting is easy but, getting it right when you first start is not that simple.

If you approach cricket betting incorrectly, you might not enjoy it. Additionally, you won’t be heading in the right direction for a profit. In this guide, we’ll provide cricket betting advice and tips for beginners like you. Viable information regarding cricket odds will aid in expanding your general knowledge of cricket and produce favorable outcomes.

Cricket betting tips that you must follow:

  • Begin with a Small Bet

Learning how to outsmart the bookmaker takes time. There is a learning curve for even the best cricket bettors, although some players do tend to pick up on the strategies more quickly than others. Avoid placing a large initial wager if you are betting on cricket with a limited budget.

You must choose your bankroll before placing your wager. Don’t apply it to anything else and set it aside. Even if you mess up when you make a smaller bet, you won’t lose a lot of money. You can make sure you have had enough bets before you run out of money by using this strategy. You have a greater chance of winning with more bets.

  • Gather information

If you want to win big at cricket betting, you must possess in-depth knowledge of the game. But gaining knowledge doesn’t just mean learning the rules of the game or how the scores are calculated. It is essential to become familiar with the team, the players, their skill sets, and their playing styles.

You must also review the game statistics. Before placing a wager on a game, find out both teams’ prior performances. You can learn crucial information about the bowler’s economy and the hitters’ strike rates by studying previous outcomes.

  • Pay close attention to weather predictions

Before choosing where to place your bets, a skilled cricket bettor will keep a watch on the weather forecast. The quality of the game can be impacted by the weather. For instance, batsmen benefit from dry, sunny days while bowling teams may benefit from cloudy skies. If it rains, there is a good chance that the game will be called because it will be postponed.

Therefore, be sure to check the country’s climate and everyday weather report before placing your wager. Cricket is the only sport that is as weather-dependent. So, consulting the forecast will aid in determining how the game will turn out.

  • Note the state of the pitch

It’s among the most overlooked features of both betting and cricket. The result of the game may depend on several variables. The weather can sometimes change it, and other times the ground crew’s reports on the situation on the ground can. The renowned Melbourne cricket ground has a bouncy surface that favours bowlers and makes it challenging for batters, whereas the legendary Chepauk stadium has a flat surface that favors batsmen and produces high scores.

Look down at the ground and do some research on previous games played there. Do any players consistently perform well there? Do teams score a lot of points when they play there?

  • Use a variety of bookmakers. Compare each one

The gambling industry places a high value on brand loyalty. Due to the intense competition in this market, businesses will make an effort to convince you to gamble with them. Examine the specials provided for specific bets. Each bookmaker has a position on the 1st wicket market because it is among the most popular bets in cricket.

  • Avoid placing impulsive bets

You probably hope your team succeeds. You may become so adamant about your team’s success that you start to think it is possible. Then all of a sudden you are placing wagers on the outcome favoring your team. Your emotions are what determine your bet!

It’s great for bookmakers because it enables them to make sizable profits from sports fans who bet money on the results of the match. Please take this into account before betting on your team to win. What is the likelihood that your team will win? Take your money and place a take a bet on something else if you conclude that it is unlikely.

  • Do not wager on draws

Many bettors make the mistake of betting on draws in test matches. In sports like cricket, a draw can happen. Given how matches can continue meaninglessly after the third day, this bet becomes well-known.

Rather than betting on draws, start by identifying the team that has momentum on its side and then support it accordingly. A game’s pitch conditions, which frequently decide the outcome, are occasionally overlooked by bets, especially on the match’s final two days. Therefore, avoid placing bets on draws.


  • Place a wager on Both sides

Accurate match predictions are challenging, particularly in the shorter editions where the match ebbs and flows. A 20-over or 50-over game can feature multiple shifts in the team’s fortune. At times, the competition’s conclusion determines the result. It is preferable to wager on both teams in such circumstances. According to the odds, you can gain a lot if the weaker team triumphs in this manner.

  • Analyze Performance, Rankings, and Ratings

Cricket teams receive ratings based on their performance, just like in football. You can determine how lucrative it is to bet on a specific team using these ratings. If you want to succeed at cricket betting, you must research each team’s standing, record, and ratings before placing your wager.

  • Compare the lines and the odds

One of the easiest pieces of advice you must abide by is this. Comparing the odds and lines is simple. You only need to set aside a small amount of time whenever you intend to make the wager. Different online cricket betting websites provide different odds and lines. Consequently, you must make sure that you’re getting the best bet.

In Summary

Cricket betting can be challenging at first, whether it’s on an IPL game, the ICC World Cup, or other sports like basketball, football, tennis, etc. Feeling vulnerable when entrusting random people with your money is completely normal. However, by using the above-mentioned advice, even a novice can easily turn a profit with a healthy margin.

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