Tips for choosing your heating oil supplier in 5 steps

When you are in the market to find the right heating oil supplier for your domestic heating requirements the plethora of choices might confuse and perplex you. At the outset, choosing the cheapest or the most discounted supplier seems like the best deal however, that is not the case most of the time. The lower price does not matter if you have to wait for deliveries running late by hours or the tech support is unable to take care of your heating system. You need not worry though; we are here to tell you five easy steps through which you can choose the right supplier for you and never face issues with heating oil delivery at your doorstep.

Cheaper options often have disappointing heating oil delivery

  1. Reputation – As a thumb rule you need to first look at the reputation and popularity of the supplier. If hundreds of families trust someone, they must be doing something right. Ask around the neighbourhood and read reviews online to get an idea and use the list you prepare to finalize one supplier.
  2. Services offered – Next step is to glance through the host of services offered by the heating oil supplier. It turns out that reputed suppliers do not just provide fuel but every allied service from installation and maintenance of heating systems to emergency services.
  3. Round the clock service – It is critical to opt for those suppliers who provide 24×7 support to you hence the next step is to enquire about this feature. If the eating oil delivery cannot be made in case of emergencies, the supplier is not worth it.
  4. Quality of technicians – The services offered depend on how qualified their field staff is so, your next task is to look for certifications, licenses and other documentation that build your confidence in the team employed by the heating oil supplier.
  5. Pricing – Choosing a supplier solely based on pricing is not recommended but the price at which you are going to purchase the fuel has a significant bearing on the choice of supplier. The last step revolves around finding the right price for the complete service and not just the fuel price hence you need to figure out what is your budget and what seems to be the price worth paying for.

You need a service plan and not just heating oil delivery

Always bear in mind that oil itself is not going to heat your house and fulfil your domestic heating requirements. It is the complete package of care, maintenance, emergency assistance and heating oil delivery that works for any household, big or small. You do not want to meddle with heating equipment because it is neither appropriate nor do you have the free time to go on the DIY route.  Hence it is prudent to opt for a full package that covers all the angles of service as well as delivery. A few additional tips to keep in mind while choosing a heating oil supplier are mentioned ahead:

  • The service plan should list down all the parts and systems covered by the company.
  • Preventive maintenance is essential to keep the heating system in top shape.
  • You should always opt for an automated delivery plan sometimes referred to as guaranteed delivery plan.
  • If you can, opt for ceiling plans to limit the effect of fuel price fluctuations on your oil deliveries.
  • Never let your boiler(furnace) run out of oil if you do not want unnecessary repair bills

To easily decide on a heating oil supplier, keep in mind these five magical words – Support, Delivery, Service, Qualification and Pricing. If you follow these tips, you are bound to select a great supplier for all your heating oil requirements.

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