Tips for Redecorating Your House

Living in a house that reflects your own personality is desirable. Decorating your own place might be as exciting and scary as it is because of the many factors it includes: experience, time, budget, and taste. 

  • Experience: Some of you must be frustrated because you lack motivation in decorating or you just don’t know where to start. But believe me, you are NOT alone. Many home-owners are now trusting Pinterest over consultations from licensed interior designers and home decorators because Pinterest offers all kinds of styles, pegs and themes that can be easily copied by anyone.

DIY designs are all over the internet and there are hundreds of thousands to choose from and it’s also way easier than booking an appointment to an expensive designer. 

  • Time: Not all have the luxury of spending their whole day planning and decorating their houses. Some have to be corporate slaves to meet the ends of their family’s needs, and some just don’t have the time.
  • Budget: Budget is the most common problem in redecorating a house as there is no called “unlimited resources” in this world. Spending money to redecorate your house isn’t as practical as it sounds because how you think you’re going to use your house and how you actually live inside your house are two way different things.

Spending much on just an accent isn’t comparable with buying a more important thing that you can use just like kitchenware and other primary furniture. 

  • Taste: Some are fixated in the term “perfect style” but forgetting the most primary reason in redecorating: you are redecorating to suit your preferences, not to impress other people. Your own taste must be the no. 1 decision-maker, not the comments of other people, because YOU are the one who’s going to live in that house. Your comfort must come first before theirs.

One of the staple decorations each house in this planet has are photos. Photos are memories etched in a special paper, usually framed and hung on a wall, used to accentuate a house. Photos in a house tell much about those who live in that very same house. 

Photos nowadays can be printed anywhere because there are many portable printers out there. These portable printers might work for those who don’t give much attention to details, and they settle for even poorly printed photos. Some photos that are printed by portable printers fade sooner than those printed by a legit photo print house, which defeats the purpose of a photo. 

A photo should be long-lasting and should transcend time to tell its story to the next generations. If we’re all going to settle for a poorly printed photo, what will happen to our photos 15-20 years from now? Our great-grandchildren will be going to stare at a blank white special paper. As funny as it sounds, it isn’t funny at all. Memories should stay, not just in our minds, but also in the physical world. 

Because of this, there’s this new trend of turning your photo to painting. It offers a more long lasting preservation of photos. These aren’t laser or digital printed, but painted. Anyone who’s redecorating their house should consider their photo to be painted to better preserve the memories each photo brings. 

There are many apps and physical shops that you can try for this kind of service. PaintYourLife is one of them. 

PaintYourLife provides an experience that celebrates the most precious moments in a quality portrait art on a budget and on time. It has over 300 professional portrait artists that deliver hand-made portraits from photos. You can choose your favorite artist and they have a wide array of styles for you to choose from. They also offer unlimited revisions to fit your taste, free online proofing, and free shipping. 

You can choose from oil, charcoal, watercolor, black pencil, color pencil, and acrylic painting, but PaintYourLife have the right to refuse to make a painting from photos that may harm or offend other people or organizations. 

Redecorating your house might be a handful, but by turning your favorite photos into awesome portraits, your house will be a more meaningful place for you and your family. Portraits can express emotions photos can’t. That’s why more people are trying out the new trend of enhancing their photos through portraits.

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