Top 4 Eco-Friendly Projects in the UAE

Over the past few years, sustainability has been a priority within the framework of the UAE’s development plans. Dubai has recently announced several sustainable development projects; since then, the concept of sustainability has been featured prominently in the emirate’s plans to host The World Expo 2020.

Overall, the UAE is making conscious efforts to move towards a more sustainable future.

The UAE accounts for about 40 percent of the Gulf’s total green buildings; their value is expected to hit $4 billion by 2020.

Here are the UAE’s most eco-friendly real estate projects that are supposed to help reduce carbon emissions and turn the country into a pioneering hub across the region in the development of sustainable building.

Aljada Community – Sharjah

Aljada is the largest ever property project in Sharjah. It is being developed by Arada and spread over a 2.2 million-square-meter area. The megaproject is also one of the eco-friendliest destinations with more than 250,000 square meters of green spaces.

The developer has implemented eco-friendly strategies such as green roofs, which ensure that sufficient spaces between buildings are present in order to allow the passing of air with specific ratios during the hot summer months.

Green power and transportation solutions are also being used to reduce traffic congestion, minimize the carbon footprint and recycle water. Development will also be tapping into the equipped solar panels to create integrated and green ghost communities.

You can look at the housing options offered by this innovative project in the UAE.

Masdar City – Abu Dhabi

Established in 2006, Masdar City is one of the prominent sustainable urban projects in the Middle East. The developers’ original goal was to build the world’s first zero-carbon community, it was also intended to revolutionize the use of technology and solar energy to reduce fuel and water consumption, which helps preserve the environment.

The city’s innovative and low-carbon development efforts include educational, recreational, residential, commercial and office spaces, all powered by renewable energy.

The planned marquee project also leverages air traffic to provide natural ventilation during the elevated summer temperatures and also takes advantage of sunlight to generate clean electricity using solar panels mounted on rooftops.

Dubai Sustainable City

In line with the Dubai Plan 2020 to make Dubai a smart and sustainable city, the emirate government established the AED 1.1 billion Sustainable City in 2015, spanning over 5 million-square-feet.

The project was touted to adopt sustainability standards with its three main economic, environmental and social components to conserve energy and ensure a healthy life for its inhabitants.

Homes of the Sustainable City in Dubai include architectural and technical innovations to ensure energy conservation, but, are not compromising on luxury. The city boasts a 143-room eco-resort, a specialized environmental university and an eco-friendly school. In addition, there are organic farms and standalone gardens to produce food in-house.

The green spaces will account for 60 percent of the project’s total area, and it will include separation and treatment systems to obtain regenerated water.

City of Dubai South

Identified as the UAE’s most affordable eco-friendly community, Dubai South boasts a well-developed infrastructure and strategic location within Dubai’s fastest-growing region.

Its proximity to several important facilities, as well as providing the latest technology for smart and sustainable cities across the residential area makes the city a more appealing destination.

Dubai South is only five minutes away from Al Maktoum International Airport, currently expanding to become the world’s largest airport. It is only 45 minutes away from Dubai and Abu Dhabi International airports, and just 30 minutes from the Burj Khalifa and Dubai downtown.

These four eco-friendly development projects highlight the UAE’s committed plans to build responsibly and conserve resources for the future.

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