Top 5 Roof Racks recommendations

Roof racks and roof rails are two must-have items on your shopping list for your car. Moreover, if you are a sports lover, you must have thought about expanding the cargo-carrying capacity of your car. These are essential if you often plan for road trips.

You can opt for adventurous trips, where you can ride your bike up the hills and kayak your way along the wild river streams. The roof racks help carry the extra load, such as camping gear, bikes, kayaks and skis. Thus, here are five roof racks recommendations, which are of a high standard. There are affordable options and expensive options, from which you can choose the best suitable one for your purpose.

Best Overall

In our recommendation, the best overall among the roof racks is the Thule Complete CrossRoad System. It has the highest standards and comes with complete options.

It offers an additional 165 pounds of carrying capacity and measures 50” in length. It fits most of the cars and handles heavy loads. Furthermore, it comprises a user-friendly design and makes it easy for owners to install without additional tools.

A prime advantage is that if your car comes with factory-fitted roof rails, then you can securely strap the Thule Complete CrossRoad System into position. The product comes with locks for added security and has a lifetime warranty for Thule.

Best for Affordability

When it comes to having a roof rack that will not affect your pockets, the Vault Roof Rack 54” is the best option.

This does not require a considerable budget, and practically it has a maximum load capacity of 150 lbs.

The Vault Cargo Management Roof Rack Crossbars are best for standard loads and travelling. It has a raised profile design and can be used for carrying outdoor sports equipment. The padded clamps feature one of the updated and anti-theft solutions. The built-in locking mechanism is what makes it unique.

Best for Ease of use

The option here belongs to the premium range. The Whispbar Through Bar Roof Rack System is stylish, easy to use and provides astonishing aerodynamic performance. It has a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs, and it also features built-in SKS locks. This roof rack does not need to be mounted on standard roof rails since it includes 4 SmartFoot mount towers. These are cushioned and prevent the vehicle from scratches.

Best for Naked roofs

The Perrycraft Aventura Black 48” Roof Rails are best for naked roofs, which means if your car lacks pre-installed roof rails. Hence, as a basic roof rack these roof rails are an affordable option. The maximum load capacity is 220 lbs and has a raised design. These are basically roof rails, upon which you can accommodate different types of roof racks. It is mainly suitable for minivans and SUVs and these rails come in various sizes such as 48”, 58” and 68” options.

Best for Versatility

The Thule Sidekick Cargo is the best versatile option to offer in terms of adding some extra storage to your vehicle. It has a side opening lid and is compatible with several types of roof rails and mounts. Although it offers a 75 lb load capacity, it is best for those vehicle owners looking to expand their cargo capacity using a roof rack rather than a hitch or trailer mounted at the rear of their vehicle.

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