Use AR to create unique gaming experiences

I have played many augmented reality games where I felt like I was playing the same type of game, with the only difference being that now I can see the living room instead of a virtual scene around it. Some games looked a lot like non-AR games, so there was nothing excited to look forward to.

When designing AR game, it is important that you understand the medium for which you are developing them. I’m sure there are a lot of developers who just say, hey, I just transfer my non-AR game to AR and have a great AR game, so No.

Of course, there will be some games where this could work for them, but for most, you should think about creating AR-first games. In other words, build a game that is designed from the ground up for AR and take full advantage of technology and its unique offering and game design opportunities. This allows you to create controls, interactions, visual design, UI, and other elements that fit perfectly in between.

So what are the main differences between AR and a standard mobile game? Let’s touch on a few key points (these aren’t all, of course, I’ll add more over time) and see how you can use them to design cool new AR games.

The only game that made its opening and took the first step towards introducing augmented reality is Ingress. Of course, the game made it possible to use the GPS system of the mobile device. It has achieved millions of trusted users and has been downloaded by people all over the world. While using location data, you can interact with “portals” that are in close proximity to your location in the real world and can be viewed through the scanner.

These portals can be blue, gray or green in color and perhaps in the form of historic buildings or landmarks. Not surprisingly, the game can be fun but exhausting at the same time as it requires you to move around your location. In case you want to play it without moving anywhere or want to have fun with another location, you can do Ingress location spoofing with ease. In this article, we will learn how you can spoof Ingress Prime or Ingress. Let us begin!

When it comes to Ingress location spoofing on iPhone, the best way to do it is via dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). This is a tool that can help you change your location with just one click. You can set the travel speed according to your choice using this tool. Additionally, it can show virtual movement between two routes, as well as multiple routes. Here are the steps through which you can simulate your move and run Ingress spoofing.

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