Using Event Design to Promote Brand Identity

It takes a tremendous amount of talent and hard work to plan and execute an event that goes off without a hitch and is generally satisfying and fun. But the best corporate event planners in NYC and around the world go above and beyond this relatively low bar to create events of exceptionally high quality that also tell a distinct branding story.

Expert event design and production agencies such as Lower Manhattan’s 23 Layers view corporate events as an arm of brand-driven marketing that stands alongside traditional and digital advertising to “elevate brands into popular culture.”

This approach to event planning begins with a thorough understanding of each corporate client, the values it represents as a company, and the brand image it conveys to the public. With this understanding, a good event planning agency can ensure that every element of a corporate event works together to communicate a brand identity that draws people in.

The Power of the Event

Because they are experiential by nature, events have the power to communicate a brand identity that other forms of public outreach simply do not. People literally step into an event and spend time there.

The event places people within a specific venue and then surrounds them with lights, sounds, flavors, displays, booths, presentations, performances, panels, workshops, samples, swag and countless other elements that add up to an overall immersive experience. As 23 Layers puts it, “cohesive creativity is our touchstone, where no detail goes unconsidered – be it food, service, entertainment or design.”

If chosen and executed carefully, these elements and countless others can tell an effective story and leave event attendees with an experience that is entirely consistent with corporate branding. It’s all about using fine brushstroke details to paint a vibrant brand picture.

How Event Design Can Tell an Effective Brand Story

The techniques that event planners use to communicate brand identities are as distinct and diverse as those brand identities themselves. For example, 23 Layers has a history of approaching events for clients such as Spotify, Walgreens, West Elm, BuzzFeed, and Microsoft in radically different ways.

Despite the importance of tailoring the event experience to fit the unique brand image of each client, there are a few guiding principles that corporate event planners can universally apply. For example, every event detail should be consistent, both with one another and with the overall corporate brand. In other words, event colors, visuals, food, music, and messaging should all reflect the brand as a cohesive whole.

Every Detail Counts

Truly effective on-brand event design and production requires exhaustive attention to detail. To ensure that they are hitting all the senses to make the absolute most out of the immersive event-going experience, corporations are turning to a small number of corporate event experts like 23 Layers.

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