Want To Choose The Right Ceiling Fan- Here Is How

Majority of us don’t even think twice before ordering a ceiling fan. Moreover, with facilities to ceiling fans buy online, it is now easier to bring in whatever looks great on the internet. Some people believe that purchasing a ceiling fan is fairly easier compared to selecting the new curtains or lightings and other similar decorations. However, it gets very confusing with so many options now available in the market.

Growing up, it was never so difficult to choose a ceiling fan because the only option was the regular model with three blades. Presently, along with the variety of sizes and shapes, there are ones in a variety of colors, with or without lighting, number of blades, etc. A lot of people are still unaware of the fact that there is science behind selection of the best fans. The questions mentioned below will clear it all for you.

What is the ideal size of a ceiling fan?

The size of your room is the first aspect that will determine the rest of it. Usually, the best way to measure the size of a ceiling fan is by measuring the diameter or the blade span considering its suitability against the room. Of course, if it’s a big room, installing a very small fan does not make sense and vice versa. The sole reason for the concept is that the air circulation in both the cases will not happen properly, which is again the main purpose of a ceiling fan.

As part of a general chart, any room with a maximum area of 75 square feet should have a ceiling fan that is maximum 36 inches. Again, for a 100 square feet one, it is 42 inches and for a 225 square feet one it should be 52 inches. An expert tip here is that if you have a very big room, instead of one ceiling fan hanging in the middle, it is best to install two smaller ones. However, you must make sure that there is at least a gap of 18-24 inches on every side around each fan so that there is no friction. Another tip for you is that a bigger fan does not always mean that the air flow force will be higher. Instead, it is the opposite and the smaller ones have more force.

Can you put ceiling fans outside?

When you live in  tropical countries, there is requirement of fans even in the verandah and patio just like in the living room or bedroom. However, fans that you want to install outside are not ideally the same as the one you have in your living room. Instead, go for the ones that are wet-location or damp approved for outdoor requirement. You must know that an outdoor fan is multipurpose and two of the main benefits include cooling and keeping insects at bay. For example, having a fan right above your head when you are sitting on the patio sofa means that you can enjoy your dessert and not spend time instead to shoo away flies!

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