Watch Straps Material: Here Is All You Need To Know

Before buying that timepiece, you invested time and energy to ensure that you pick the best matching your needs. You didn’t do it by impulse, especially if you went with the top brands. Your watch is a part of your routine, meaning that you want the nicest. However, picking a piece for your everyday wear, sports, and dress watch can be challenging. The looks, feel, among other features, don’t always match every situation. The straps don’t match your formal wear; do you have to buy a new watch? Best watches aren’t that cheap. As such, buying different pieces to match various situations can break your bank. That is no longer an issue, though, not when you can spice up your game with watch straps.

Watch traps, available in varying sizes, designs, colors, and materials, are a gem that can supercharge your accessorizing efforts. You no longer have to rock a watch that sticks out like a sore thumb. With the best straps, you can go with a style that exudes your exquisite taste and fashion. The straps are affordable, meaning that you can buy as many as you need to match your outfits. Fitting them, especially if you have the right tools, isn’t a hassle either. While watch straps are a gem in the fashion world, not every option works. Following your taste, watch, among other features, among the top highlights that can help you pick the best option is considering the material. Among the top includes leather, rubber, NATO, mesh, and metal bracelets. Here is a quick rundown to help you decide which watch strap best suits your situation.

Leather watch straps

Leather and class; it’s a perfect match. When the wristwatch hit the world by storm, leather was the apparent strap’s material. The soft, supple, and luxurious features made leather a go-to for many. Back then, it was limited to cowhide. Today, you’ll find all sorts of exotic skins in the market.  Ostrich and alligator leather straps are the most common options. Alligator, especially, is a go-to for those top-shelf big names such as your Swiss watch.

The hard-wearing material will cost you more, but you’ll enjoy it for long.  Cowhide is still popular, especially as it is more affordable and offers a range of benefits as other options. If you are considering leather watch traps, here are some of its upsides;

  • Soft – This makes your wristwatch more comfortable
  • Durable – You won’t keep going back to shop for a new trap
  • No irritation – Is your skin sensitive? Allergic reactions, including irritation and itchy feeling, can be frustrating. With leather straps, you wear the watch the whole day with no such exasperations.
  • Versatile – Leather goes well with many outfits. You can stylishly wear it with a dress or sport watch.

Leather is arguably the most appealing watch strap material. However, it has its downsides. It isn’t as gentle on your bank; you’ll pay more for those advantages. Moreover, if you are among the groups advocating for animals, you might not be a fan due to the possible cruelty and unfriendly environmental footprint. What’s more, your leather strap might start to take an odor as you sweat over time. This means that it is not the best in sweaty settings, such as when hitting the gym.


Class doesn’t have to break your bank. That’s among the top highlights that continue to propel the rubber band’s popularity. In their efforts to capture new customers, younger brands use rubber. The material is less costly, durable, and soft. Rubber is a great bargain, especially for daily wear. Whether your schedule pits you against the demanding outdoors or you spend most of the time in less demanding environments, the rubber will hold. While the strap might contour to your movements, it gets back to shape after taking the watch off.

With its luxurious looks fitting for formal or casual situations, rubber is an all-around solution. Whether rocking a top-brand or standard timepiece, you’ll find a rubber strap that can up your watch game.  Rubber can withstand a lot, meaning that you can wear it to the gym, swimming pool, among other settings. Unlike leather, you won’t have to worry about odor over time.

NATO watch straps

Tracing its roots to WWII, NATO straps were originally designed for British soldiers. The straps crossed to the fashion world, making their mark as one of the top options due to the many advantages they deliver. Its affordability is the top highlight. NATO is the cheapest option as you look for watch straps, meaning that you can buy enough for all occasions without feeling a pinch. The straps are also the easiest to work with since they have fewer moving parts. This means that switching is a hassle-free process that you can manage in minutes. Usually made from nylon, NATO straps are durable and can withstand almost anything you throw at them. Maintaining the straps is also easy; anything that’s good for your skin goes. Clean water and soap are enough to keep the straps clean. The option also comes in a variety of styles and colors, making it easier to pick an option that matches your taste. Easy to clean and maintain, durable, swappable, and affordable; NATO wins on various fronts.

Mesh straps, while not that common, could also be your go-to.  They are rare and can go with a range of outfits, from casual to formal wear. You could also go for a metal bracelet. The option is best for formal outfits; it looks amazing beneath a shirt cuff. Metal bracelets are versatile but not for everyone. It also takes a great deal of work. You may have to work with a technician to change the straps.

Watch straps makes it possible to spot different looks without breaking your bank. With your favorite timepiece, you can accessorize in style by picking varying designs and colors. As your watch ages, you don’t have to stash it away; simply buy new straps, it’ll look as good as new.

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