What Foreign Students Need To Know About Manitoba?

Manitoba offers world-class education with globally accepted standards. It is proud to be well-known for academics, state-of-the-art facilities, and customized programs. Moreover, it has a very vibrant culture with a diverse economy. The climate has its own peaceful natural beauty and it offers a high standard of living at affordable prices. Unlike other major cities in Canada, the most interesting factor of this city is the low level of unemployment. University of Manitoba residence is another factor that allures students to stay there. Apart from its low rate of unemployment, here are a few things that should learn more about Manitoba:


There are grasslands and hills in the province, so it’s very cold in winter. However, the summer months are warm particularly in the south of the province; it usually stays between 22 and 38 degrees. In the spring, the sky is clear and sunny.

Canadian Civility

Canadians are very kind and courteous. Sorry and thank you are used very often and they believe in firm handshakes and the use of polite words. They are very formal to visitors.

Scholarships in Manitoba For Foreign Students

Manitoba has many institutions that provide scholarships to foreign students in 4 different categories, which comprise:

  • International Baccalaureate
  • Board of Governors Entrance
  • Scholarships through Applications
  • Automatic Consideration/Advanced Placement

Need Study Visa

International students must have visas and study permits. Upon arrival, they issue temporary resident permits. The temporary work permit only allows students to work for a certain number of hours. Students should apply early to get a permit for work.

Degree Structure

It varies from institution to institution. Moreover, the programs also differ from one degree to another. For this cause, foreign students are told to take the degree program after thorough evaluation of all degrees and their programs.

Healthcare Amenities

Foreign students don’t receive any MB healthcare, but most universities cover health benefits for their students at the tuition fee level. Many institutes supply international student cards with prescription records and a directory of medical suppliers who can accept these cards.

Immigration Programs for Graduates

By the International Education System (IES), Manitoba Institutions provide direct pathways to permanent residence for its graduates. Thus, students are advised to build their own careers and dwellings in Manitoba.

The Manitoba institutions provide simple opportunities in terms of permanent residence by using the foreign education system (IES). Thus, graduates will, and might, as a rule, excel in building their professions and homes in Manitoba.

The three key ways in which students can receive a fast nomination for a permanent residence are:

  • Graduate Internship
  • Career Employment
  • The International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

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