What Is a Pet Cabana and Why Your Dog Needs One

A Pet Cabana is a Pet Bed with Style

Ok. Imagine you have decorated your home to the exact specifications that you have dreamed. Every member of your family has the perfect furniture to represent themselves, and give them a place of serenity to relax. What does your fur baby’s space look like?

Most pet owners think of their pets as members of the family. Some people like them better than the less furry members of their family. So why do we treat them as a glorified pillow in the corner is good enough when it comes to providing a place for them to rest?

Even if you don’t think your pet will care (he ignored the last bed you got him for a week in favor of the box it came in, after all), doesn’t your carefully thought out home design deserve more than a fleece-lined cushion with a dog bone embroidered on it?

A pet cabana is exactly what it sounds like- a traditional cabana frame, in a size perfect for your fluffy friend. They can be draped with a cover to provide a dark quiet place for an anxious chihuahua or be left uncovered as a simple house-shaped framework for your cat that will sit in a random outline of a circle on the floor. 

A pet cabana may be the perfect place for a larger dog that thinks he has to sleep in the bed with you, giving him the feeling of security and structure that many traditional dog beds lack. 

A Pet Cabana Can Showcase Your Style

Another key benefit of a pet cabana is how well they show off your personal can choose a variety of construction materials for the frame, and there are fabric choices for any color palette. 

Traditional pet beds tend to all look the same. They are usually as far from chic as you can get. Most of them look like a large couch cushion, perhaps with an upholstered frame around them, in a shade of tan or red checked plaid. 

While these traditional designs are often just accepted as part of the “we’ve got a dog” aesthetic, wouldn’t you rather find an option that is unique to your home and your individual style? 

A pet cabana can go in any room, and even look great on your covered porch. With a removable cushion, that is machine washable, and a wood frame that you can easily wipe down, it is super convenient to keep a pet cabana clean. 

Pet cabanas come in three different sizes, so you can find the perfect cabana for whatever size dog you have. 

Pet Cabanas are Visually Versatile

One of the other really great things about a pet cabana is that its style is so clean and versatile. The simple house-shaped outline can work well in anything from a danish modern natural woods household, to a more rustic cabin environment. 

The shape is evocative, without being too clearly attached to any one style. This gives you the freedom to redecorate, without having to discard the bed your pet has gotten attached to. 

In addition to the stylistic versatility of a pet cabana, the fact that the cushion and frame are separate gives you the option to mix and match. If you have more than one pet cabana for different parts of your house, you can swap cushions between them to refresh a look without replacing anything!

With all the options available, it is easy to see why a pet cabana is a great choice for any dog owner!

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