What makes a good escape room?

Every escape room has a unique approach in terms of puzzles and décor. But sometimes you’ll look for the extra something that will make it outstanding. So, if you’re looking for a good escape room idea, this article is for you. We do our best to provide the best escape room experience, which is why we encourage you to keep reading. Next, you’ll discover what makes a good escape room!

#1 Purposeful décor

One of the main aspects that make an escape room perfect is the décor. It needs to have a purpose, but at the same time, it needs to fit a plot. Mostly, the theme of an escape room game is shared through the décor. And this means that each object inside should fit into a story. Remember that each object in an escape room might be a powerful clue.

#2 Breathtaking experience

good escape room offers an immersive experience. This means that you should feel transported to another world as soon as you enter it. The décor contributes to the experience, but other items inside can make it breathtaking. Clues are an organic part of the experience. But several personalized hints might disrupt the game when you expect it the least.

#3 High-tech gadgetry

An escape room has several components. These include the furniture, the décor, and the items carefully positioned inside. Yet, some escape room games feature intriguing gadgets. These might have you collaborate with your team to figure out how they work. Pay close attention to the unexpected experience a high-tech gadget might offer inside an escape room.

#4 Challenging mix of puzzles

Even though gadgets are cool, puzzles represent the core elements of an escape room. Physical clues and old-fashioned mental puzzles are what make a good escape room. This will ensure each team member has the chance to contribute and engage actively in the experience. This is the ultimate purpose of an escape room.

#5 Complex clues

Every escape room has a series of interconnected clues. These are complex and can make one brainstorm several ideas. So, it can make you all collaborate to uncover the solution to the most demanding clue.

#6 Hint personalities

Escape rooms need to be interactive. And to achieve this, they aim to increase player engagement. That’s why hint personalities are a core element of the game. An escape room shares a story, makes it feel real, and introduces characters to help you have a great escape room game. 

#7 Teamwork activities

Lastly, but not the least important, an excellent escape room game will encourage teamwork. Individuality has no place here, so the most important thing that recommends an escape room is activities that invite teamwork. That’s why most escape rooms have clues that require at least three people to solve.

The bottom line

This is what makes a good escape room. But, of course, there can be several other components that can add up to the experience. The secret is to use teamwork to your advantage and get ready to uncover clues in the most unexpected places.

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