What Size Propane Tank Do I Need?

If you are planning to utilize propane for the first time, you may not be familiar with things related to the use of propane like tank sizes. Depending on what you are using your propane for, there are several considerations when it comes to getting set up.

Consider if you are planning to use propane for your home heating fuel, or if you are just planning on purchasing some household appliances that run on propane. How much propane you will be using regularly will help you determine what size tank to get. Here are the common uses for each size of propane tank to help you determine what size you need:

20 Pound Tank

This size propane tank is probably one that many people are familiar with. If your home will not be heated with propane, but you still need a small amount of propane, this is the tank for you. This tank is probably familiar to you because it is the tank hooked up to your outdoor grill if you have a propane gas grill.

This size propane tank can also help with smaller propane needs, like a propane fireplace. The bonus of only needing a small amount of propane, like a 20 pound tank if that you can have several backups on hands, and you can take them to your propane retailer to get refilled versus scheduling a propane delivery.

100 Pound Tank

If you have larger propane needs than just a grill or small fireplace, you should look into a 100 pound tank. This size tank is perfect for household appliances that run on propane, like a propane cooking range or things like indoor fireplaces.

The 100 pound tank is significantly larger than the 20 pound tank, but it is still relatively portable. However, as propane tanks increase in size, so do the safety precautions associated with them. For a 100 pound tank, it is recommended that you keep it at least three feet away from your home.

500-Gallon Tank

A 500-gallon propane tank is the most common tank for home use when you are heating your home with propane and/or have many other uses for propane throughout your home. For home heating, the 500-gallon tank is recommended. However, a 500-gallon propane tank, in addition to heating the home, can also power appliances, power a generator in emergencies, heat a pool, and more.

Having a larger tank like a 500-gallon tank means you can heat your home and power all needed appliances and extras, and still be able to go a longer time without filling the tank. Since you are buying so much propane, you should also get a better price for buying in bulk. 500-gallon tanks can be installed above ground or below ground.

These three propane tank sizes are the most common. If you have special circumstances, you may need a different sized tank. For example, if your home is larger than 4,500 square feet, you will need a tank larger than the 500-gallon tank. Otherwise, these three sizes will meet your propane needs.

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