What Type of Support Can I Expect From a Lawn Service Conway?

You love a beautiful landscape, but finding the time to keep up the lawn properly is difficult. The most practical solution is to find a local lawn service Conway that can take on the task for you. A professional will know what sort of tasks are needed in certain seasons as well as what needs doing on a recurring basis.

What can you expect from a great lawn and landscaping service? Here are the core activities that the professional will offer. Making use of all of them will result in a lawn that always looks its best.

Mowing Along With Edging the Lawn

The basis for a beautiful residential landscape is the lawn itself. You can expect professionals from the service to be around regularly to mow the lawn. Once the grass is cut, the team will edge the lawn so that it looks finished and sharp. After the edging, the team will gather the clippings to ensure the grass looks smooth and inviting.

Weed Pulling and Treatment

Weeds will pop up from time to time. When the landscaper sees them develop, the mature weeds are pulled so that they cannot spread to other parts of the lawn. There’s also the likelihood that the professional will treat the lawn as a way to minimize the potential for more weeds to develop. This dual approach helps to maintain the sleek look that you want for your lawn.

Insect Treatments

Infestations are not something that only happens inside the home. It’s also possible for different types of bugs and insects to settle in under the ground cover. Over time, they can damage the grass and lead to the development of thin spots. You can bet that the professionals from your lawn service Conway know how to spot signs of infestations and how to get rid of the insects before they can cause any problems.

Adding Nutrients to the Soil

In order to keep the grass healthy or to grow fresh grass in barren areas, it’s necessary to fertilize the lawn. Doing so adds the nutrients that are either lacking in the soil or that need replenishing. This is often done in the spring, but it’s possible to fertilize the lawn during any time of the year.

For example, some property owners prefer to fertilize the grass and soil in the autumn. The rationale is that doing so helps to support the growth of the grass root system prior to the arrival of cold weather. The result is that the lawn is likely to look better during the cold months and be poised for lots of new growth that will hold up well to the heat that will return in the coming summer.

Aerating the Lawn

Aeration is a process that helps to break up soil that’s become too compacted. The reason that your lawn may need aerating once or twice a year is to ensure that water and nutrients can seep into the soil. For example, a professional would like to aerate the lawn prior to fertilizing the ground.

Aeration is also a good idea if the weather has been dry for some time. Doing so will make it easier for the water from sprinkler systems to soak into the ground and reach the grass roots. The result is that there’s less chance of brown spots to develop due to a lack of moisture in the soil.

Trimming and Shaping Hedges and Other Landscape Elements

While much of the focus of lawn maintenance 72032 has to do with trimming, edging and in general taking care of the grass, there’s more to the task. What sort of hedges, bushes, small trees, and other elements are part of the landscaping? They need some attention too.

The lawn service personnel will take care of tasks like trimming ornamental bushes and shrubs. They can be shaped to suit your preferences or you can leave the shaping at the discretion of the team. They will also know what time of year to cut back the foliage on small trees so that they fill out properly.


Mulching is a strategy that involves spreading some type of organic material around plants to help keep the moisture level from dropping too low. Reducing the rate of evaporation around those plants makes it easier for them to thrive. The landscape team may recommend mulching for flower beds and the ground immediately around trees.

What kind of materials can be used for mulching? Grass clippings collected from the lawn, shredded bark from trees, wood chips, and even sawdust may be used. If you want something a little more decorative. Dried pine straw is a great choice.

Seeding if Needed

Seeding is a great way to deal with areas of the lawn that are bare or where the grass is thinning. For example, you may have pets that routinely like to make use of certain parts of the back yard. The result is that the grass begins to die, leaving the ground exposed. A professional will know what to do in terms of treating the ground and then seeding the area so that the grass can return.

It’s also helpful for revitalizing areas of the lawn that were recently treated for some type of disease or lack of nutrition. Once the ground is properly prepared, the seeding will result in new grass that blends in with the rest of the lawn. Generally, it’s a good idea to consider seeing from the middle of the spring season into summer.

Cleaning Up After Bad Weather

Storms or high winds during are not uncommon from the spring well into the autumn. That includes the potential for tornadoes that develop as tropical storms or hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico move inland and begin to break up. The result can be that a lot of leaves, limbs, and branches end up littering the lawn.

Fortunately, a professional in lawn maintenance Conway will have the expertise and the equipment needed to remove all the debris. With the aid of wood chippers and other resources, it won’t be long before whatever the bad weather left on the lawn is gone. If there was any damage to the lawn proper, it can be addressed once all of the debris is history.

The bottom line is that the right local lawn services offers much more than simply keeping the lawn mowed. There’s help with the other landscape elements, support with correcting imperfections, and quick action when some sort of infestation or other condition threatens to ruin the landscape. Choose the service wisely and you can always look out at the lawn and love what you see.

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