What You Should Look For In Your Boxing Gym

The Ultimate Guide to Find a Boxing Gym  

Boxing is a great form of cardio exercise, and it’s easy to do. If you’re doing boxing for the first time or if your body isn’t used too much in other forms like running then this might be one way to start a workout routine. When you decide that you want to learn to box or box just as a form of exercise you will need to consider a few things before applying to any gym that you see offers boxing. You have to know what your goal is before going out to look for boxing gyms. Do you want to lose weight? or do you want to learn how to box professionally? Either of these intent is fine we will explore the many types of gyms that offer boxing and what you should look for depending on your goal.

Fitness gyms: The best fitness centers are those who train their clients with an emphasis towards strength training rather than endurance-based exercises such as boxing, running and cycling. These facilities also tend to not provide as much equipment that’s needed for boxing. These types of gyms are great for people that want to practice condition rather than techniques. You will most likely do a lot of cardio workouts like, sit-ups, pushups, and shadow boxing, there will not be a lot of heavy bag or mitt work since they might not even have the equipment as I mentioned before. In this type of gym, you will not likely be able to spar, as the equipment might not be great. The coaches or trainers in this type of gym will be experts in conditioning rather than technique.

Youth center: This kind of facility has been around forever but now more often than ever youth programs run by adult instructors focus primarily upon developing skills instead of conditioning. Youth programming can vary from novices learning basic movement techniques through advanced beginners becoming skilled at specific martial arts styles such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These types of gyms are great for learning new skills but not for developing them. There will be a lot of professionals and many young amateurs. The vibe here is very friendly and everyone is always looking out for each other as this program mainly focuses on keeping the youth off the streets.

MMA gyms: We’ve all heard talk about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) being really popular right now which makes sense considering our generation grew up seeing professional fighters step into theaters every Saturday night fighting against their opponents. Since so little information exists regarding the benefits of working with amateur athletes vs pro-level players over 10 years ago we’re sure some may find themselves confused when trying to figure where exactly to begin. The only issue with finding a good MMA gym is that there are two types “fake” and “real” so how do you differentiate between the two? Real MMA gyms will focus their classes on a lot of kickboxing combat rather than MMA combat. They will have a lot of various training suck as kickboxing, grappling, and boxing. The “fake” MMA gyms will offer more of a fat camp type of gym running on very commercial propaganda to get clients in rather than teaching MMA combat techniques.

Professional boxing gyms: Professional Boxing Training Centers use the top-notch gear including high-end padded gloves, ringside referee safety glasses, corner cameras, and sound systems along with proper nutrition protocols designed specifically to maximize performance while minimizing injury risk. In this type of gym, you will develop your skills and techniques you can even prepare to be a professional boxer if you so wish. The main focus on these types of gyms is a technique so if you are trying to lose weight it might be best to try a fitness gym instead. Professional boxing gyms will have may experts that can teach you proper technique with the right equipment. You will most likely get grouped together with a few other people, if you want to get private lessons you will need to pay additional fees for such classes.

Tips for choosing a gym: Consider visiting several gyms before actually committing to a specific one. We went inside a boxing gyms in austin for consultations. We looked at how clean the place was, how staff treated the clients, and how well we enjoyed the equipment. Many gyms also offer free consultations or sample classes. Take advantage of these types of perks as you will get a chance to mingle with the trainers and the people that visit the gym.

Looking for a gym can be challenging and time-consuming but when you find the right one all the hard work that you did will be worth it! You just need to figure out what kind of training and environment you are looking for, whether its to lose weight or learn new techniques.

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