Which Type Of Hair Transplant Method Will Suit Me?

While planning to undergo hair transplant there are many questions which arises in your mind and one of the commonest question to search on is the best hair transplant technique suitable for you. Most of you do your homework from online portals but to be frank due to wide availability of the text on the internet it could be confusing to know the right thing.

To know the best hair transplant techniques you need to visit the hair transplant doctor for the consult to assess the feasible hair transplant technique as per your situation. The hair transplant in India has become very popular since few decades which have lured not only the domestic patients but also the international patients to get the hair transplant done.

Cherry on top hair transplant cost in India has become very affordable despite the high class international standards and excellent hair transplant outcomes which lure people from all across the world for hair transplant tourism.

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur have been approached by thousands of patients from across the world. We offers the world class facilities and has huge infrastructure with the biggest and best hair transplant team in India. Dr Suneet Soni is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in India who has been well known for his unsurpassable skills and sense of art.

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is an outpatient surgical procedure which involves the taking out hair grafts from your own body areas which possess permanent hair grafts and then these hair grafts are transplanted at the recipient bald area. The procedure can be feasible in circumstances when you have sufficient hair grafts at the donor area.

Hair transplant procedures fortunately can deliver permanent outcomes which looks absolutely natural. The successful hair transplant demands the excellent surgical skills and extraordinary sense of art to design absolutely natural looking hairline. The sound decision making, right choice of technique and skillful hands are desired to achieve the successful outcomes.

What are the hair transplant techniques to perform the procedure?

The hair transplant is performed by using two basic modern techniques which are distinct in harvesting the grafts and are explained as follows:

  1. FUT hair transplant technique or strip technique: The strip technique is performed by removing a section of skin from the donor area which is then sent to the graft separation room to dissect the individual hair graft and then transplant them to the desired bald locations. The donor area is sutured back using the trichophytic closure which allows the healing to take place with almost invisible scarring.
  2. FUE hair transplant technique: FUE hair transplant is performed by extracting the hair grafts from the donor area and then directly transplanting them at the desired bald area. This technique involves the pulling of the hair grafts from the donor area assuming the location of the hair roots which makes the hair grafts more prone to damage while extracting.

Thus, it is wise to choose the excellent hair transplant surgeon who has holistic approach while deciding on the hair transplant technique and not just rely on a single technique to perform the procedure.

Which hair transplant method is suitable for me?

The hair transplant technique should be chosen based on multiple factors associated with your situation. The factors include age of the patient, sex of the patient, extent of baldness, number of hair grafts required, hair density at the donor area and quality of the hair grafts at the donor area.

The hair transplant technique should be decided judiciously as per the requirement of the patient. Most of the hair transplant clinics prefer the FUE technique stating it as an advanced and better technique ideally which is not the reality. Both of the hair transplant techniques have their specific indications which are considered prior to choosing a hair transplant technique.

There is no better technique for hair transplant in fact the FUT hair transplant technique has added advantages but need a huge infrastructure, more manpower and more armamentarium which makes it unsuitable for most of the clinics.

The FUT hair transplant technique is broadly indicated in extensive bald cases and high density hair transplant as it could provide 3000 – 3500 hair grafts. On the other hand, FUE hair transplant technique is not competent enough to provide higher number of hair grafts so is an indicated technique in initial bald stages and facial hair transplant.

For any queries, visit Medispa hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and Delhi for a blissful experience of hair transplant.

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