Why It Is Essential to Often Visit Your Dentist during Pregnancy

Regular dental checkups are important for all, be it a toddler, teenager, adult or senior. It is also important for the pregnant women, but many ignore visiting dentist, as they are more concerned about their baby’s health than theirs. The fact is that the body of to-be-mothers undergoes lots of changes, which can affect their dental health to a great extent.

The Orion Dental Specialists, having their dental care in Cypress TX, encourage pregnant women to have their dental check-up regularly. The Cypress TX dentist team provides all the dental treatments to help their patients have relief from any kind of oral health problems.

Many find it unnecessary and expensive to visit a dentist for regular checkups every now and then. However, it is important that the pregnant women do not miss out on their appointments with their family dentist. A lot of problems can be avoided during the crucial months of the pregnancy.

Frequent dental visits are important because during the months of pregnancy, there are many hormonal changes, and that becomes the prime cause for the onset of few dental problems.

The dental issues you face during or after pregnancy-

Gingivitis – Estrogen and Progesterone hormones change the tissues of the body that leads to the formation of plaque at a faster rate. It is because the gums are sensitive during pregnancy, resulting in them being subjected to bacterial infection. The symptoms are bleeding gums, swelling, redness and inflammation. The symptoms may be experienced from the second month to the eight-month of pregnancy.

Periodontal ailment – If gingivitis remains untreated, then it may result in infecting your teeth, gums, teeth root, bone and periodontal ligaments. It may also result in removal of your teeth. Due to gingivitis symptoms, your teeth will be sensitive. You can feel pain or discomfort while chewing food.

Dysgeusia – You will get a foul taste in your mouth. The food also tastes differently. It may seem like you have lost your taste buds. When hormone levels drastically change, you’ll get metallic taste, especially for those who are in their first trimester of pregnancy.

So, to change the taste, ladies prefer to eat acidic food like a pickle. Excessive consumption of such food results in weakening the enamel of teeth. Eventually, it leads to weakening of teeth weaken. Thus, it is best to examine oral health by the dentist regularly. Drink water every half an hour to avoid dry mouth.

Ptyalism – Excess saliva may promote trouble for your dental health as pregnant ladies may sometimes hesitate to eat nutritious food resulting in spoiling their general health and of their baby. The saliva secreted in excess may change the taste of the mouth.

Cravings for sweet food – It is often observed that ladies during pregnancy prefer to eat sugary edibles. Their desire to eat more sweets is sure to wear off their teeth enamel structure. Thus, visiting dentist regularly will be beneficial to maintain oral health.

Dental treatment won’t harm your baby’s health during pregnancy. Hence, you can visit a nearby dentist Cypress TX. They will surely take proper steps to provide you safe dental care treatment.

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