Why Military Patches Make a Great Gift

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about gifts for your loved ones. Every year you’re bombarded with ads for gift baskets, perfume, clothes, and everything else under the sun. So why is it still so hard to find gifts for our friends and family? Well, because most of us don’t just want to give a good gift, we want to give a great gift. 

So what makes a great gift? Something special and unique to them. Something that shows you’re thinking about them, not just now, but always. 

One of the most powerful ways to show someone you’re thinking of them is by gifting them something personal. We’ve all had our lives touched by Military service in one way or another and there’s no better way to incorporate that into your gift-giving this year than military patches. 

4 Reasons Military Patches Make Great Gifts 

There are so many great and meaningful ways to use military patches to show you are thinking of someone. Here you’ll find just a few of the powerful reasons why your loved ones will be moved by the gift of Military Patches. 

1. To Honor Someone Serving

One of the most time-honored reasons to give a military patch is to gift it to a military man or woman who is currently serving our country. Military patches are a simple and attractive way for our troops to wear their pride on their sleeves. 

This can be an especially meaningful gift for new recruits and those graduating from basic training. As our young military members embark on their sacred duties these patches can remind them of all they are fighting for. 

2. Give to Your Loved Ones While You’re Away

Being away from your loved ones for long periods of time is no doubt one of the most difficult sacrifices we ask of military members and their families. 

Military families spend months without their loved ones when they are deployed or out at sea and it can be tough. Gifting your family and friends’ military patches while you’re away at training, on deployment, or even at boot camp can be a meaningful way for them to hold you with them while you’re gone.

Families serve right alongside their Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Guardsmen, and Sailors. They are as proud to represent the armed services as officers and enlistees. Patches are a great way for them to show that pride on backpacks, jackets, and jeans.

3. Remembering Someone Who Served

Military patches are a compassionate and personal way to honor our loved ones for their past service. 

A patch can be a heartfelt gift to give to someone who has lost a loved one who served our country. Patches can be displayed in frames and shadow boxes, with medals, dog tags, and photos to remember those we’ve lost. 

Veterans too deserve to be celebrated for the years they spend serving their country, and patches are an impressive and eye-catching way to honor them for their sacrifices. Especially when emblazoned on a cap or displayed prominently in their home.

4. Patch Trading and Collecting

Military Patches have been a part of military service for centuries. Collecting and trading these patches likely began during World War I and II when Soldiers would collect patches throughout their deployments abroad. Many Soldiers collected them as mementos of their experience while others sent them back home to their families as gifts.

Today, this tradition is still very much alive and well. Military patches vary in price depending on rarity, but many quality patches can be purchased for a reasonable price which makes entry to this fulfilling hobby easily accessible.

Military Patches are a thoughtful, personal, and unique way to let your family and loved ones know you care. Military Patches make great gifts that can serve as points of pride, reminders of loved ones near and far, and even spark a lifetime hobby and interest in military history. 

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