print and frame Your Artwork: The Easy Way To Make Your Favorites Last Forever

You know that feeling when you look at a favorite photo or a piece of artwork, and it feels like it’s the first time? Well, that moment gets even better when you have to deal with the same piece of art again and again. After all, you don’t want to see the same picture every single day – unless it’s your puppy!

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can get more life out of your favorite print and frame artworks and the best part is that they are all incredibly easy to do. Here are some ideas on how you can start saving money by printing your artwork instead of buying new prints:

Save On Printing Costs

Some people do not realize that having a professional lab print your art can get expensive and while there are many ways to print your less expensive photos, there are also more creative ways to print your art that can save you tons on the cost of printing. For example, try printing your photos on fabric instead of paper, it can significantly reduce costs since the process is not ink-based.

Fabric is also eco-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about any mess from ink, it also looks great in most décor settings. Other ways you can save on printing costs is by printing on vinyl stickers, canvas, or other surfaces, and finally, try printing your photos on an old T-shirt, instead of using expensive fabric or paper. You can find T-shirts at thrift stores and supermarkets for a few dollars.

Use A Template Or Scrapbooking Page

Printing your images on a page or a template is a more eco-friendly option as these are tailor-made for photo printing and aim to minimize waste and if you print plenty of photos, this can come in handy. It’s possible that you only need to print a few photos per page before you may discard the paper. Cut out your scrapbooking pages and use a clear overlay, such as a sheet of vinyl, to create prints. While safeguarding the scrapbook paper, this overlay will allow the colors and images to show through.

Color Prints For Years To Come

Recently, many retailers have started to offer a higher-quality color print service that can last for years. Some companies offer a color print service for up to 50 years and if you’re looking for a way to print your photos that will last for years to come, consider a high-quality color print. High-quality color prints are great for framing and can be displayed as wall art or used as coasters. Some people even use high-quality prints as a pattern for their curtains.

When selecting a high-quality color print, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind. Make sure the print you choose can tolerate being hung on a wall first. Second, choose paper that is high enough quality to be framed and shown as art, and third, ensure that the printer you choose can produce vibrant, high-quality color prints.


Artwork is a very personal gift and should be treated with care. Printing your photos is a great way to make those special moments last forever and you can also save money while doing so. There are many ways to print your art, and they all offer different benefits, from printing on fabric to having high-quality color prints, there’s something for everyone. Start printing your photos today and make them last even longer than before.

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